questionswhy does sears inhale so strongly?


Don't know what to tell you. I'm 3 for 3 on good orders from seats in the last year. If you're really annoyed, call customer service back and go straight to a might just get your stool for free.


They lost my business after they gave me the runaround over a pair of running shoes. Customer service people didn't care and when I asked to speak to someone higher up, they sent me a form letter telling me how much they value me as a customer. But they still wouldn't help me.

I am finished with both them and Kmart.


@captkyle: Maybe it's a blessing in disguise? Seems to be a stool with a few issues:


I have had a few bad experiences with Sears in the past few years. The latest one, and I should've known better to even try, was last week when I thought my brake lights were out. The guy (manager?) took his time coming over to help me, made me wait while he sent a text to someone, and then told me that they couldn't get parts for my car and that they couldn't help me. I can't figure out if rude and dismissive is part of their sales strategy or they are clueless.

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Really? Someone actually told you to "sod off?" Was it exactly those words, or just something that in your frustration you chose to interpret as having that meaning?

Could you tell us please what you would have expected a customer service person to tell you if the item was in fact sold out?

Meanwhile, I just ordered one at the original sale price, with free in-store pick-up, and the website says "Free shipping to store! Discount applied on Shipping Page after ship to store selected Offer ends 31-Dec-2015"

Perhaps you should try again.

(And did I mention that I've never had a problem with Sears? The last time I ordered a Christmas item on a clearance sale price of $25 they emailed me two weeks later to say they were sorry the item had sold out before my order could be filled and they were sending me a $15 gift card as an apology. Got the card a couple of days later. I think it's really hard to beat that kind of customer service.)


every sears order I've had canceled came with a $15 (or more) gift card by snail mail within 2 weeks. I wish they'd cancel MORE of my orders.


I stopped purchasing from Sears online when they couldn't follow through with a Black Friday order. It was nothing special, just a bunch of pj sets & the like. A couple of items were sent, the rest of the order just went nowhere. No shipping notice, nothing about back-order, just nothing at all. Contacting them online got nowhere (as in no response). I finally had to have PayPal intervene to get my money back on the items not sent. They never even bothered to email about that either.


Sears and Kmart are in the middle of a total liquidation. Both chains will be gone completely with a couple years, and are only remaining in business to retain the current value of their real estate and brand holdings. Don't expect miracles, they're really not concerned with maintaining long-term customer relationships.


@izzyizzo: You might like to further state that that is your opinion only, with absolutely no basis in fact.
Every year some 'expert' publishes a list of 'companies going away forever', and Sears Holdings has made the list for the last couple of years. And yet, remarkably, Lampert's companies continue to exist, even make money despite unfounded rumours.


@havocsback: Yes and no. I've got professional relationships with both Sears and Kmart. I'm not doubting Lampert's ability to make money, I'm suggesting strongly that store counts will continue and accelerate. They're not interested in long term customer relationships, just short term sales and cash directly from vendors.