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@zippy the pinhead: You only have two trigger fingers, dude. If there were a civil war again in the US, it wouldn't be a bunch of guys in uniforms marching in straight lines at one another through hails of gunfire. People's individual personal arsenals could make a big splash in their immediate neighborhood but wouldn't have much to contribute to the war effort, which would be fought with drones and other sophisticated technological weapons. And while it's a nice fantasy to imagine that Texas would get to keep the considerable military assets within our borders, the fact is that most of those soldiers are not Texans and would be exceedingly unlikely to participate in a secession effort. Plus all the states are dependent on one another for resources, they are not designed to be self-sufficient. Desert west Texas certainly isn't, we import most food and are dependent on the Rio Grande for irrigation, so we'd stick with the Rio Grande valley where we can get food and water.


I am more than willing to move to Texas. It would be better to be in a state that is not under OBAMA control. You just watch what he is going to do the next 4 years. Freedom will be non-existant and our economy will be in ruins, as will our standing in the world.


I have to say, I keep hearing a ton of people talking about how Texas seceding from the US would result in failure do to lack of government funding. Where exactly do you think government funding comes from? It comes from tax payers. Texas is the second largest state with the second largest economy. I think the tax payers of Texas can provide for themselves. The real questions should be addressed to crime. How will Texas handle criminals currently involved with federal crimes? Will they be let go? What about divorced parents who owe child support but live in different states, will the parent not receive child support because the other parent resides in another country (Texas)? Texas wants to recede because the current US government has all but destroyed the country (or so that seems to be the reasoning), so what about war? If the US goes to war with another country, will Texas back them up, or visa-versa?These are the real questions that need to be addressed.


It seems to me that 15 states requesting secession, implies a major problem with our government. There are always presidential debates and there are always pissed off people that so-and-so became president. It's been that way for decades, it will never change. 15 states wanting to pull away from our government is a red flag. The US may own the military, but something like this could destroy the military also. What's going to happen if more states join the secession? Are we looking at a war within our own country?


Heard a good radio bit on this topic a couple weeks ago. Texas won't secede. There's too much to lose:

Jobs: Government & military contracts go to US companies. Lockhead, Texas Instruments, and other companies would have to leave Texas.

Military: Goodbye to Ft Hood and other military installations and all the jobs associated with them

NASA - Houston: Gone along with all those jobs

Besides these jobs, how many large companies are going to stay in Texas and have to pay import/export fees to the rest of the US.

This article covers some of it:


Let us discuss the economics and military of Texas as an individual country. Texas right now is the 15th largest economy in the world, immediatly following cessation welfare laws would dramaticly change as there would no longer be federal mandates from DC. In EXCESS of 50% of all refined petetroleum comes from the Houston area. And last but not least Texas has it's national gaurd and reserves as well as almost 10% of all active duty military currently on Duty.
America would never fight other Amercians over Texas and as for you liberals that live in Dallas and Austin you might consider packing up and leaving the Great State Of Texas