questionswhere do you go for reviews on products?


Consumer reports. If you don't have a subscription, just search for it. Also, amazon and best buy for follow ups.


I try to avoid places like, and because it seems like your general audience is going to leave reviews at those sites -- not everyone is a novice, but the average of them is. It seems you get a lot of bad reviews on items based on the seller and those have nothing to do with the product itself.

For electronics items or household items, I go to Newegg or Amazon. It seems like the nerds really like leaving reviews there. That's who I want to review items. They put these devices through the ringer and talk about statistics that most people don't even know exist. I just bought a new monitor and used Amazon's and Newegg's reviews to help make my decision easier for me.

For tools, I talk to a friend of mine that's a contractor or go to Lowe's and catch a contractor in the tool department.


I think Amazon is the best place to go for "general reviews", but I'd say Newegg reviews are more "technically detailed" than Amazon. I'd check out both to be sure.

With Amazon though I usually go with the Blu-Ray player best sellers and best rated rankings to start with. Usually these kinds of ratings are consistent, especially if there are many reviews.

Other than that, you can also just google "Best Blu-Ray Players" for some results or even YouTube it for some hand-on reviews on what people think are the best players.

I also use Google to check out other reviews outside of Amazon or Newegg by simply typing out " [insert model number here] reviews ".

I hope this helps!


@okham: Consumer reports is great for cars or similar things but if you want info on a specific model of TV or something like that, I can never find a review of the exact model. They often have reviews of models I can't find for sale anywhere or the product I can find isn't reviewed. I guess similar models in the same brand are similar but not always.


I second Newegg and Amazon for reviews for electronics. You will get a well rounded view.
Also, look on sites that are for that item you are looking for. When I was shopping for rock climbing shoes I tried REI, EMS, and OMGear (and a million others it seemed). While there aren't that many reviews collectively on these sites, Backpacker/Outside and other outdoor sites had reviews by "experts" and some user reviews. This proved most helpful. I went to the rock gym and asked around, but most people there hadn't climbed outside. I like comparative reviews that give a variety of opinions based on application and other criteria.


I google for "(brand) (model number) reviews". I then sample all the review pages that come up. Amazon is usually one of them, but most types of electronics have review forums specific to them, so those are also useful to look at as you are more likely to find actual product comparisons on those sites.


I use Amazon for product reviews, Trip Advisor for hotel reviews and Yelp! for restaurant reviews.


For cars, I use Consumer Reports and

I use Amazon for everything else.

I used to use CNet for electronics but they're dead to me now.


@rayray8822: I agree on the comment "CNET being dead to me now"... I liked that CNET felt very impartial in their reviews, they squarely lose that badge when they are forced by their parent company NOT to give the award to the one that they thought was the best.,2817,2414988,00.asp CNET is dead to me now.



CBS/CNET blew that decision. Wonder what it will cost to get some part of their rep back?

That said, I do love some of the columns, esp Cheapskate.



I have heard some large manufacturers issue unique model numbers on items like laptops and TV's to specidlfic retailers. The same item will have a different model # at another retailer. This, to make it harder to compare prices and reviews.

Counterproductive, IMHO. I am less likely to buy a model that Amazon doesn't sell some version of, from any retailer.



Same here! I use trip advisor recently for our Vegas hotel a few months ago. The reviews are consistent.

On top of Yelp, I also use it for stores (like Walmart, Ross, Staples, etc) and other businesses reviews (like carwash, etc).


I agree with most Amazon and Newegg are good places to look, not just to see what are the pros and cons of those specific players, but also to see what is important to look for in any Bluray player. Then start looking for products with those qualities. I try to learn all about products I've never purchased before -- what is it comprised of, what are important features to look for that would enhance my experience and product longevity, etc. Top 10 lists will typically mention why these items made the list. Learn what aspects are important, and look for those when searching for products. If you can't find reviews on Amazon and Newegg, try googling for reviews on other sites. I make note of what positives and negatives come up often to get an idea of the experience I'll most likely have. I don't like reviews from magazines or commercial entities, they point you to cool products, but are usually based on a one time experience, or specs, not real world ownership and use.


Also, you can come into the Deals.Woot IRC Channel and chat with us. Usually someone has an opinion on these things. :D