questionsif you own a smartphone, is there any reason to…


Yes. The larger screen size can be used for so many things that are difficult on a smaller area...starting with almost all word processing (there are better and better apps for this all the time) and even reading and surfing the web. This is just to name a few. Now do you need a laptop if you have a tablet? That is getting closer to the real question.


I think if you own a net book that you are happy with, stick with that. The tablet would just be a replacement for the net book anyways. I have both a smartphone and a few tablets. With my " middle-aged" eyes it is so much easier to work and play on. In my business , and becoming so in many other businesses and professions, the tablet has become a crucial instrument for easy display of projects, reports and presentations that simply can not be done effectively on a smartphone. The graphics and speed of the new IPad, for instance, are extremely useful and I have found to be far more efficient than the average netbook. If the netbook you have is getting the job done, IMO, you don't need a tablet... WANTING one vs. needing one though is a whole different matter... :-)


The only thing I really use my tablet for is comic books. I prefer a physical keyboard to a touchscreen so I use my laptop or netbook for everything else.


I have a smartphone that use for making calls and texting. Occasionally to check email, but not often. My laptop i use at home or on the go when a tablet just won't work (like big spreadsheets and large amounts of data or presentations on a projector). Everything else I use my tablet for. I skype, play games, read, do small documents, surf the net, etc...

The phone is too small to make anything else really worth it. The laptop is a pain to carry during competitions and other peoples presentations. The tablet works well for me most of the time. Now if they will make one I could hook my projector and cameras up to, I'd be a happy camper and never carry my laptop anywhere.


kindle fire because I had $200 in staples rewards to burn and their was a staples easy rebate for $25 on it that week as well.

the kindle is still way better than my phone for reading e-books, browsing the web, watching movies, and playing games, all because of the screen size.

the phone is with me all the times, I bring the fire along if I know I'll be using it (when the kids are at gymnastics, on trips, etc.) and would prefer a larger screen than my phone. The phone is great for quick checks of email/web, looking things up, getting directions, but the screen size gets annoying for extended use. I do prefer the phone for listening to music or podcasts, specifically because of the smaller size.


I agree with @morriea & @kamikazeken about the larger screen and want to add that a tablet, generally speaking, has better battery life than a notebook or netbook.

Watching movies and also using the Kindle app have totally made my Touchpad worth buying. Now that it is running CM9 (alpha), it is just fantastic.

So, yes, I think a smartphone augmented with a tablet is great. You will find yourself using your notebook computer less & less. I don't even go to clients with my notebook anymore.


I have a Kindle Fire in addition to my smartphone. I actually use it a great deal more than my phone - most of what I used to do on my phone (besides calls/texts) I do on my Fire now.

I like it for all the reasons previously mentioned - bigger screen for watching movies, larger fonts for reading, etc. But another big selling point for me was the fact that I could install TeamViewer on it - and access my desktop (or my husband's) from anywhere, on a screen that didn't make me feel like I needed a magnifying glass the entire time.

I can't even count the number of times I've snagged info off my desktop using TeamViewer on my tablet. Hubby has loved the fact that he can grab info from home or his office PC with his Fire.

It's also much faster than our phones (I have an LG Optimus, hubby has an LG Optimus Slider). More storage, more apps, better sound. For us, the Fires trump the phones completely.


Another Kindle Fire user, got it for Christmas, but I find myself using it a lot more than I thought I would, from ebooks to draw something, it's night and day playing that on a 7" tablet than on a small 3-4" phone screen. I also find that my phone battery lasts a lot longer, lol


Absolutely. I've found one of the best uses for my Touchpad is to find recipes on the internet or DL cookbooks and place my tablet on a stand in the kitchen to cook. If the printing is smallish, enlarging is a breeze. I wasn't a fan of the Kindle Fire and returned mine. It turns out I prefer a 10" screen to a 7" for the things I use my tablet for.


My phone has a 4.3" screen (HTC Amaze) and my tablet has a 10" one (Acer Iconia).

At home and when I'm out with a bag or pack, the tablet gets used more often due to the larger screen, especially for reading books and web surfing.

When I'm traveling lighter, the phone is generally adequate and actually slighter better for watching TV at night in bed, up close w/o my glasses using any of Hulu Plus, PlayOn, Netflix, or Amazon Instant Video and headphones.

I used to also have a 7" tablet (Nook Color) that was more portable than the 10" tablet (it fit in most of my jacket and coat pockets) so tended to get used a bit more than the Acer away from home. (Gave it to my daughter though, so I rarely even see it any more.)


hmmm... tablet won't let me edit that post...

As for why I have a tablet, I wanted a device more portable than a netbook (I have one of those as well, also gave it to the daughter who got the Nook Color as I rarely used it) and capable of doing most of the stuff I use a computer to do.

About the only things I still need to use a PC for are Quicken (bookkeeping and banking, etc.) and my media machine (DVR, etc.) on my TV. Just about everything else can be done on a tablet, though I still prefer a real PC when using remote desktop to work on my office computers from home.