questionsi bought a kid's 4 min raised bed and the plug…


Hi there,

This isn't enough information for us to help you directly, but here's some good tips that might -
If you've ordered a product on any of our main woot sites (woot/tech/home/sport/kids/shirt/wine/sellout), please contact
If you've bought an item through a vendor here on deals, please contact them directly! We can't do support for those!

Either way, please always be sure to include your order number and as much info about your issue as possible in your initial email to ensure faster service.

Best of luck!


@inkycatz: I had such a perfect response to this question. Dang it, anyhow. grumble, grumble I guess I'll go and mow the lawn.


@barnabee: Oh man, now I'm sad I was being efficient. I'll wait a minute or five next time. :)



Lou: You know what? You've got spunk.
Mary: Well, yes…
Lou: I hate spunk!



@inkycatz: But what we DON'T want is for @marynull, who is obviously unfamiliar with how the deals community forum works, to post her information for all to see like a few of the newer lost sheep have done in the past.

@barnabee: Oh, Mr. Graaaaant!


@lavikinga: Go ahead and put your reading glasses on. Those are not "l's", they are "t's". ;)

EDIT: I meant in the OP's name. @marynull is probably getting confused by now.


@jsimsace: DOH! LOL! I've got the laptop set to "micro" and bloody looking eyeball. I took a miniature Aussie to the eye the other day and it's still not quite right.