questionschallenge: crayons for under $20


lol - I'm not gonna vote up due to the target here, but you'd have it otherwise :-)


im also looking for a picture of a can of Spam drawn by crayon. :)


@wootfast: does your boss know what you are doing?

WOW I have never found such a spamtastic deal poster who talks back and argues, y'all trying to reach and touch this one?


yes @hobbit my boss is fully aware that we moderate this website. ;)


@wootfast: Very nice way of describing it - Moderator... I like it!


How I'd love to work for Woot, and gain such a lofty position...


I couldn't find a crayon drawn spam can and wanted to draw one myself but I don't have any crayons (they all melted). So, I really need a good deal on some new crayons.


I whipped up this can of spam in Paint, its only half copyrighted but I don't plan on making any money off of it.
(In other words, I'll sell it to @iborntoshop for $20.)

(warning, picture might make you 'ungry')


@wootfast: just making sure. BTW did you see this.

I have never been tattled on before like this, well maybe I have but no one has publicly tattled. I feel honoured that we are all getting it. I just wish @shrdlu and @catbertthegreat were here they are truly missing out on all the fun.


@hobbit: poor n00b, isn't going to know what hit him.


@hobbit: It's true - I think that they'd enjoy snarking with us... moment of silence for our compatriots no longer with us... that means you too, @iborntospam! Hush up!


@arosiriak: love the new username someone should sign that one up.


here is spam test area ?

ok test my program my account avarage 29 hours firs page newer down :))

heyy all people ok i share this program www WOOTFOREVERFTWAGAIN&AGAIN net / giggles

using manuel for you :)) i am not yahoo user its for ICQ user :))

1. Open this program
2. Click load url list
3. Open Woot
4. Login your account
5. Click Start Posting
6. You dont need to wait you go outside :))

[wedit] ::))-))


This is just too strange. The engrish is just amazingly bad, and this guy seems to WANT to get himself kicked off the website. Something's off here ...


@gwintner: I'm following you there, but I'm just a little too peeved to really try to deduce the whats and whys right now...


@gwintner: It is engsian? I also think someone needs a nap and mommmy and/or daddy need to take away the laptop.


Detour: I thought that using @username to refer to someone as opposed to just "username" helped them gain reputation points, yet our Hungry little Born-to-Spammer is still at 0/100 (thankfully). How does that work?


@perkalicious11: well he only had to 2 votes on his question. Plus I suspect staff may have zeroed him out. and check your messages on fb