questionswhere is the best place to find the older ps3…


Wellllllllll if you haven't found one or can't find one. I have an old original thick one. It has full backwards compatibly. And is in perfect condition. I'm a 25 almost 26 year old with no pets no smoking etc.. >.> I kinda want to upgrade to a new one XD But apart from that I'd say either ebay or amazon seller.. or maybe craigslist.

Off the top of my head I think it's the 60 gb one. Don't quote me on that completely. I'll have to double check if your interested. But honestly from my opinion just get a new one.

First 60 gb I believe.


@dravack: lol how much you selling it for ;)

And craigslist is a good idea! I didn't think about that!


@hirshy: if you can't find a good deal on there make me an offer and ill consider it. I dunno what they go for anymore. Been ages since I looked.


@dravack: I paid $180 for an original 160gb last year. System and 2 games. Not backwards compatible, but a good range to work with.
Gamestop want $200 for a refurbed 40gb model.


@wickedd365: That's not to bad. I guess I should swing by gamestop and see what they would offer. Might be able to work a better deal since I'd want to turn around and instantly buy a new one from them. Dunno about GS but BB employees told me that the manager there has such powers to offer random bundles and such at their whim.


you should really just get a ps2 slim to play your ps2 games on (plus they're super cheap now). the gen/model(s) that support ps2 playback run way too hot, and the newer generations have pretty much sorted the heat issues out. that being said check craigslist or hit up a pawn shop.


@andrewhallze: agreed on the heat issue. Though if your in a cold climate or just have the fan/ac on its not that bad. And again new model for the win! If you get a new one I suggest the new 500 gb one their sexy! lol

At $300 hard to beat.

Gamestop offered me $160 store credit over the phone. Hrm


Have you checked to see if it would be cheaper to get a used PS2 and a new/used newer PS3? At least then you're more likely to get a PS3 that won't break down.


A used PS2 in good condition (silver edition, with all of the accessories) is about $70.
I can get a refurbed PS3 (Uncharted Game of the Year edition) for $200.

Should I just go for those two separately?


@hirshy: I would. The PS2 will play ALL PS2 and PS1 games. The PS3 backwards compatibility was only select games. PS2 only at that.
You can pick up a new PS3 for $2-300 with games.


The older, "phat" PS3 models that have backwards compatibility are prone to failure at this stage in their lives. You'd be best off to buy a new PS3 (for about $229-249) and a used PS2 if you don't have one (probably under 50 bucks).


@wickedd365: False. All PS3s can play PS1 games. Select models can play PS2 games.


@stryker4526: Didn't know that. Thanks.
"The more you know"


@stryker4526: I think this is false but I'm not sure.. I'll have to ask my nephew to double check he has one of the new slims. I thought they all could play PS2 but not all play PS1? I dunno either way I'll find out ^^


Quick question:
I am about to bite the bullet on the separate devices. I found a good ps2 and ps3 model (without games). But before I clicked buy I did a quick check online...
Most places say that the original release on the PS 3 is better than the PS3; basically the older one is a tank. Is there an updated version of the ps3 other than the slim and super slim? Which is the right one to get???

This is so complicated ._.



@hirshy: go to that wiki article I linked to in the first post. It has a list of every model ps3 and differences. Personally I don't think one is better than the other. But in the end it comes down to how you treat it. If you mistreat it then it won't last. While its a toy it also is a piece of electonic equipment. So be kind to it and you should be able to enjoy blurays, DVDs, CDs, mp3, and even 3d for years to come.

Only reason I want to upgrade is for more hard drive space.

Edit: also where did you find the good deal on ps3? If store link?? If ebay keep secret so I don't buy out from under you! XD


@hirshy: the old one (fat) is fine, but the problem you face when buying one is you don't know how long it has been left on, or if the previous owner took care of it. The main two main reasons i suggest the newer one over the older models:

1.) Old (fat) ps3 had a high number of failures from the heatsink not being properly coated with thermal paste. (they either blobbed it on way to thick, unevenly, or not enough)

2.) Heatsink design- although its not a radical difference the design of their heatsinks has advanced with the time and every new iteration boasts a slightly better heat solution.


@dravack: I have one of the slim models (not the newest "super slim" one). I play my PS1 discs on it all the time.


@hirshy: Mine is the 160Gb old fat model. Works like a champ. I've logged some good hours on it in the first 2 Uncharted games, Twisted Metal, Little Big Planet, and Walking Dead. (A must own BTW! That game is AMAZING!)

It gets used as a Blu-Ray player more than anything as I am a Xbox guy myself. But I've put hundreds of hours on it doing that. Including leaving it on falling asleep.

Just make sure it's well ventilated and lay it horizontally. Never vertical. I know they show them standing in the pics, but it's bad for the system. It scratches disk and doesn't allow good airflow to the system. I have a tower fan I use in my living room that sweeps my entertainment area as well as my seating area which probably helps alot.

Just make sure the one your buying has been taken care of.