questionshow do you get apple to reenable my itunes…


I'd probably go into an Apple store and talk with a "Genius" about the situation. They've always been really helpful for the issues I've had (although it was always hardware issues I've dealt with)


iTunes does not have phone support (generally), so the best way to contact iTunes support is through email.

If you want the fastest support go to

Select iTunes as your issue, then iTunes Store, Account management, and then either Billing or Account Security. You will see the options that are available.

You follow this path and your iTunes account will be taken care of within 24 hours.


@imshadow22: This is where I have filled claims numerous times now. I recived emails from one rep with Apple saying that they would credit me back the money, how long it will take, what was purchased, how it was purchased, but nothing about enabling my account.
I submitted another claim. This is the 4th one now.


Called again last night and kept getting hung up on after waiting for lengths of time. Finally got a guy who took all my info, the story and emailed me his contact info. Said he will get with iTunes and try to sort this out in the next 24 hours.