questionsdoes anyone else homebrew beer?


I do indeed, though I've slowed down a bit. The low carb diet I've been on kind of limits my beer intake, though vodka, and gin, and tequila, etc are fair game :)

Question time:
What yeast did you use for your hefe? Also at what temp did it ferment?

Annnnd how are you souring your strawberry sour?

Have fun! And you know... RDWHAHB


@llamabox: don't have my book for the hefe but using acid malt to hopefully sour the strawberry ovine


I did many moons ago. It is best to do it side by side with a friend on the boring stuff like cleaning and the boils. And yes fun to do the drinking with the same. Unfortunately, once you have bottled too many show up wanting to part-take in the liquid assets. Nowadays I don't have the time since I became interested in growing my own veggies and gardening well done is a year long devotion.


Agree with @drj48 :)

Also, I've found that brewing 10 gallons at a time and brewing with a friend is the way to go. It takes the same amount of time to make 5 gallons and you can split it with your partner and really have some fun: each use a different yeast, ferment at a different temperature, add something different in secondary, dry hop with different hops, etc


I tried it many years ago. It was ummmmmm.... not good. Congrats on yours though!


Currently I brew mead, but I want to start brewing beer before the end of the year.


No but i've been wanting to start for a while. I have some Friends that do it that i've helped out. It seems like a lot of fun and rewarding at the end.


I haven't for a few years due to space issues with my current house, but I was really into it before that. I moved to a soda keg system for racking the beer after primary fermentation because I am not patient enough to bottle (specifically to clean bottles). Plus its pretty awesome to enjoy your own beer on tap!


I homebrew and I love it. Been doing it for well over a year now and have quite a few batches under my belt. Still learning and making mistakes from time to time but most of the beers come out good.

What percentage of acid malt are you using? I'm starting to do a bunch of sours and while acid malt contributes a little sourness, you really need some bugs to get good and sour. But that takes time and separate equipment so that you don't infect your other batches.

As always, have fun with it and do what YOU want!! Enjoy and hope it turns out well!!