questionsi need a invoice copy for a repair


Please provide more information on what you're looking for.

Is this related to the Woot website, something purchased from the deals.woot site, or do you need help finding something via Google?


try to use Gmail for your email. you never delete your emails, just archive them so they are always there when you need something from a few years go


Maybe they're looking for something along the lines of what's going on here:

(textually NSFW) (textually NSFW)


@psaux: Thanks for a new site, I can't believe I've been in the dark. Now I have something to read the rest of the night at work.


@psaux: Seriously thanks for sharing this, it's hilarious!


@psaux: I love this site! I just found this one on the same site.....and I think I busted something, as I was laughing so hard....................................


@psaux: hilarious!! i waited to get home but i could've read those at work! :) just some lite cussing


If you purchased your item with a credit card, they can probably provide you with a copy of the transaction - might work for someone who needs an invoice. If you have online access, you can find it that way.