questionsis the deals list malfunctioning?


I'm not having a problem going to the end. (It's now 10,118 pages.) If you still can't get there, try this:

Go to page 2 and change the page number on the url. That should take you to the page you want.

Example: Just backspace to delete the 2 and enter the page you want to go to.


@gmwhit: I tried your suggestion - seems like a good solution. Even that way, the page counter says 10118, but the deals on the page are all less than one day old. I tried some random page numbers and the oldest deal I could get is 3 months old.

May be my computer. Thanks for the response.


@notanaardvark: It's not just your computer. I wondered about browsers (I'm using Chromium on Linux) so checked Firefox and had same issue over there. Have you submitted the problem to beta feedback? Even if it broke more recently than the site overhaul, it might be something to do with the "tweaking" they've been doing.


Something else very strange: When I use the URL for page 9999, the deals are 3 months old and all of them have only down-votes showing. Same if I page forward & backward from there.

Think I'll just do something else.


@gionot: Good plan, thanks. I have Chrome and can't remember the last time I tried this. I'll submit feedback - probably should have done that in the first place. :-]


Try this URL:

It is showing deals three years old.

You can juggle the page number with the last paramter (the "10117") above


@baqui63: That works! Very cool. (and thanks).


Not sure if that's intended (yet strange) behavior or if it's malfunctioning. I turned it in from this end so hopefully I'll know something before too long.

Thanks for the question.


Thanks, Ms @thunderthighs: I submitted beta feedback as well, but leave it to the great community to find a work-around.
Didn't hear much from staff till now, did you guys have a company picnic or a day off to make up for changeover Sunday? If so, you deserve it for sure!


@notanaardvark: No picnic but we have fewer people on the weekends.



You're welcome.

BTW- for anyone curious, that URL came from using Advanced search (meaning it isn't magic or rocket science).