questionsin what ways have you lost your keys? my wife…


To make matters worse. We locked the car doors, so had to call a lock smith to get in... Also her key has a chip in it so a locksmith cant make it. Its Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday. So we had to pay to have the car towed home ($400). The closest Mazda dealership is 1.5 hours away, and we have to physically take the care there to have the key made. The key will cost around $225, and to get it towed there will cost about $300...

What a weekend.


i've dropped a cellphone into the toilet by accident. toilets are hazardous! i wasn't even using the phone

i dropped my keys in a "ditch" one time. it was a grill like cover underneath me at a parking lot. i could see them through the slats when looking down, standing right over them. thankfully a few guys lent a hand and fished it back up as i stood there looking down and thinking ARGGHHH!! how did i do that?!?
it probably took 30-45 minutes, although it felt like hours. now when i see those grill covers on the ground, i grab my valuables extra tight.


That's why I don't use toilets and instead defecate in the sink.


I have, in nearly 15 years of driving, never lost my keys. However, in February, my brother-in-law and I were doing some demolition in my bathroom for remodel and we had a few garbage bags sitting in the hallway. My 2 year-old daughter picked up my keys and put them into the garbage bag. I know this because she told me she did a few days later when I couldn't find them. The trash had already ran at that point and it was too late to get them back :(


i went into a dollar store close to closing time, left and they locked the doors, and then i couldn't find my keys...i had to convince them to let me in to look for them and spent about an hour looking and then found them in the shopping bag that i'd put in my car already....i needed therapy after that one!


I lost my keys in my 8-year-old's school one time. Looked in the lockers, his classroom, the bathrooms (yes, I really did look in the bathrooms) and found them in his teacher's desk. How they got there, I will never know. And on the topics of cellphones, I was feeding my chocolate lab when my elbow tipped my cellphone off the counter and into his water dish. The screen's white, and you can only make calls. You gotta be careful when you make calls, though. Twice I've called a foregin country. Fortunetly one of my relatives upgraded to a LG and gave me her old Trackphone.


A co-worker dropped her keys getting on an elevator at work, and they fell between the elevator and the floor she was on, and into the bottom of the elevator shaft. Ah hour later, maintenance shut down the elevator and retreived them for her, though.


Ate my best friend's car key because he thought he was going to drive home drunk.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.


@napalmriot: You must be fun at parties and civil demonstrations.


Not really lost, but I did lock them in the car. ....The car was running. My excuse? My mother was in the car w/me. Talking nonstop.

Slightly related: My husband was a tiny bit ill(alcohol) when he threw-up and flushed at the same time. His partial plate joined the sewer system.


Husband put his keys on the top of the car while loading it. Forgot where they were, took mine, started driving. He saw them fly off the roof of the car when we got to the freeway. He stops, runs back to get the keys, and just before he gets there, a car runs over them. All destroyed...


I'm paranoid about losing car keys, so I have a copy in my wallet and in my house as well.


@gretchena: I did that at Walmart at closing time. My key fell out of my pocket in the checkout lane. Out to my locked car with groceries and no key, they had it at the service desk.

Not a lost tale but I visited my parents for a week and set my keys on top of the fridge not having a need for them. Walking out of the airport 900 miles away I feel my pocket and my heart sinks. I had two small children in tow and they start crying because it's the end of the world and the nearest keys are 2 1/2 hours away. Called my mom asked her to mail the keys on the fridge, got a ride home and picked up the car the next day. It was great.


Back when I lived in a college dorm, I left my keys in my mail box. Not inside the box, just sitting in the part that allows you to unlock.

I didn't realize I lost my keys until I reached my door. I ran back down stairs and my mail box was closed and keys were gone. Apparently the front desk saw me leave them.


In the middle of winter I like to start my car THEN get all the snow off of it - normal right? Well I got in my car, started it, turned the defrosters all the way up, grabbed the scraper, opened the door, locked the doors and did a real fine job of getting all the snow off the car. I have an extra key that my grandparents keep for me so I thought no biggie I can hitch a ride over there and I'm sure it's in the house somewhere. Nope, it was in my Grandpa's wallet which was with him at his office in downtown Chicago. AAA guy laughed at me when he came.


Truly it’s very embarrassing to face such situation. Not exactly but something similar situation happen to me as well when I and my wife were roaming in the market. When she had purchased some clothes from a shop and at the time of paying money has dropped the keys. We were completely unaware about this thing until we reached to the car. She even didn’t heard it fall and got very worried, but thanks to the who really helped us by making a replacement key instantly at very affordable price. I understand that in such situation our mind goes completely out of way, but instead of getting worried, if we think practically then there is always a way to come out from any problem easily.