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More Russians = more dashcam videos. Whatever it takes.


This is actually a serious problem. I just read "what to expect when no one's expecting", and outlook is terrifying. As the older population becomes a larger percentage of the population in general, there will be fewer and fewer young people to pay into governments' retirement schemes like our Social Security system. As a nation's populace declines, you'll see collapses of real estate prices, shortages of healthcare workers to take care of older people, and collapses of ponzi schemes like social security. Also, older people tend to invest less in growth stocks, meaning less money for companies trying to innovate as the number of young investors declines.

IMO our society now has so many choices to entertain us, there's no desire to have kids the way there used to be. Restaurants, shows, games, phones with the internet, etc...

Even 3rd world nations are seeing plummeting birth rates.


(cont) as birth rates continue to decline, I expect to see most governments trying to encourage people to start having more kids... It may not happen for 30-40 years for us, but it's already happening in Europe and Japan.


It's not like Marvin Gaye is available.