questionscan you help me unstick my waffles?


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You could try increasing the amount of fat in your waffle mix. This will often help unstick the waffle. Also, make sure your iron is properly preheated before adding your batter.


Five years, huh? It may be time for a new waffle iron. In my experience, the sticking occurs when the iron doesn't get hot enough. If you've never had problems before with your recipe, it's got to be the iron. Some last longer than 5 years, some don't.

You can snag one for pretty cheap these days...


I agree with both comments...also add a little less batter than you have been using, and let the waffle cook a little longer after it beeps as this will let it release better. Your waffles may be too gooey and are not releasing because they are under cooked.


@bbdickso1: My waffle irons are 15 and 20 years old respectively. It's not that I wouldn't replace them if I could, but all they seem to make now are the Belgian style ones. I'm old school and want thin square waffles.

You might also be using the wrong kind of grease. Regular solid crisco works well for me.


Perhaps spraying the waffle iron lightly with some cooking spray would help.


The alcohol based propellant can degrade PTFE coatings over time.
Try not to use spray oils on your good PTFE cookware.
Are you using any sugar in your recipe? The sugar can caramelize and make the waffles stick to the iron.


Cooking spray always works on my waffle iron.


We've always used cooking spray, and no stickiness. Also helps brown the waffles.


Little known fact: "I unstick your waffles" was the original line in There Will Be Blood, but the producers thought that "I drink your milkshake" sounded better in the screen tests.


Even though I know that the cooking spray is bad for it, I decided to try it and it worked! Even if it may start to degrade the coating later on, it's better than buying a new one now, especially when I don't use it everyday. Thanks for all the help though!

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