questionswhy the change in color for some of the sites?


Um.... what's confusing to new users? The 'sites' offer different genres of items. Hoping they can read. I haven't been around that long, but really don't care what the main color is. Am glad they toned down the optic white background they had in places, though. It made my eyes hurt. ;-) At least, I think they toned it down...don't go over to the blogs, main woot, etc. very often.


We like to confuse people with mutations on the X chromosome. If you put all the logos together, it will display a secret message that only 1% of humans with a super-rare combination of specific S, M and L cones can see. You know who you are!


@gmwhit: I don't know what other users do but when I see items on the different woots I like I follow the blogs in different tabs in Firefox. It was as easy as looking at the different color of exclamation points to see which tab I wanted to go to but that isn't the case. At least not until I relearn the colors.