questionssoil nutrient/moisture balls instructions?


nice translation from chinglish I am guessing. Did you google them to see if there were perhaps clearer instructions online somewhere on a gardening website?


@hobbit: Yeah. All the links I found were deals links back to Meritline's site. Meritline's actual site has some readable directions, but I just didn't know if that was all there was to it. The Meritline directions on the product listing are:

-Put the crystal balls in a container.
-Add enough water to cover them fully.
-Check back every few hours to ensure they have enough water.
-When they reach their full size, you may put them with the plants. Add water occasionally to prevent them from drying out

But what's the plant nourishment liquid? Water? 180-360 days indoors? Is that a maximum length of life on these or a recommendation of where to put plants? Plants that choose 'fitly living the cool and damp environment?' As in that's what it's recommended for? I wasn't sure.


@eneref: This looks like a colorful, decorative version of water retention crystals, like this stuff:

Normally I use these in container plants which dry out quickly, to help them retain moisture longer. When they are water-soaked they look like clear jell-o,

Since the colorful ones include 'nutrient' in the description does that maybe mean that they have some plant food, too? That would kind of make sense, and explain why they are only good for a limited amount of time, until the fertilizer is exhausted. The water-retention feature would still work though.


@afurball: I'm ASSUMING the plant food is included. Hard to say, though. Ah well. It shall be a grand experiment! :)


I don't know if they have nutrients, but they are pretty. The plain ones can be put in colored water and look quite pretty. I use both the balls and the other, which look like raisins to me,in my craft projects. The soilmoist link above will let you purchase a vast amount more than the little balls for the price. Also, on ebay, you can purchase the ball in pack of individual colors. Meritline does get my vote, tho'!


I also received my "Crystal Mud" this week. This is how I interpreted the instructions:

1. Affiliation clean water 1000ml to the crystal mud soak 6-12 hours to filter the superfluous water
Add to 1 liter of water and let soak for 6-12 hours. Drain off any excess water.
2. Flora that chooses fitly living the cool and damp environment, to washing their mud
Use with a plant that likes a cool, damp environment; i.e. NOT a cactus.
3. Cystal Mud that already absorbs water to be put into the vase with the flora
Put the stuff that has already absorbed water into a vase with the plant.
4. The Crystal Mud appears the dry grain, you may add water to afresh them.
If they start to be dry out, add more water to refresh them.
5. Periodically increase the plant nourishment liquid
Add liquid plant food periodically
6. Used for fresh-cut flowers, must be add more water
To use for cut flowers - add additional water
7. Used 180-360 days for the indoors
*Suggested use time - 1 year


Continued from above...

I do not think they have any nutrients in them. I think that the "increase" word is poorly translated from the word "add". I will add liquid plant food to the water that I use to "refresh" the crystals.

I do not think that the use is limited to 1 year.

Also this is how I interpreted the Warnings:

1. Kept away from sunshine stored at normal temperature.
* Keep out of direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
2. Kept away from children and pets.
Keep away from kids and pets.

~ Okay, the first 2 are pretty easy ~

3. No suit to the plant that waste large quantity water.
* Not suitable for a plant that likes a pool of water. So, no water lilies.
4. Handle it carefully, avoid the wastes jam the sewer.
Dispose of properly. DO NOT flush or pour down drain! Since they expand when they absorb water they could plug up your drains, pipes, and or septic tanks.

This is just my interpretations, but I hope it helps. :D


@ravelazquez: your interpretation made me giggle.