questionswhat's your drinking pleasure?


Coffee? Black, ground from whole beans (prefer single source, rather than blends). Favorites are Jamaican Blue Mountain, Ethiopian Harrar, Pure Kona Peaberry.

Tea? Prefer loose tea, either oolong, or jasmine. NO Froufrou teas, thanks.

Soda? Never. Ever.

Wine? Um, yes?

Liquor? Bourbon, scotch, gin, vodka, brandy, cognac? Bourbon, blended whiskeys, brandy, cognac, armagnac, rum... I'd keep going, but I'd be afraid of running out of characters.

Water? Filtered, using pitcher (I have very hard water)

Fruit juices? I like my fruit to come in its original case. No juices, excepting wine.

[Edit] @jsimsace is right. You forgot beer. I like rice beer (Kirin makes a nice one), and Guinness, and Killian's Red, and Bass, and Harp...


Coffee: whatever my husband brings home from the store (cream only)
Tea: only occasionally at a restaurant (ice, no sugar or lemon)
Soda: only in rum (caffeine free diet Coke)
Wine: not a big fan but if someone is passing it out I'll give it a try
Water: usually tap unless we're traveling then whatever is cheap
Liquor: yes please :-)

Currently enjoying a Shocktop (beer) but we've been on a vodka/orange juice/grenadine kick lately. It may have a "real" name but we call it a vodka sunrise.


Pepsi and Mt Dew - regular.

Bottled water by the case.

That's about it.


@jsimsace: I agree. But, may I add free and cold to your answer in no particular order?


Coffee: Nope
Tea: Nope
Soda: Diet (all of the following will be) Sunkist Orange, Code Red Mountan Dew and IBC root beer
Wine: Nope
Liquor: Nope
Water: Prefer Well water, but the tap is just fine, don't like bottled water at all.
Juices: Avoid due to the extreme amounts of sugar, but love Pineapple or Grape for 100% juice, and Strawberry-Kiwi for blends.
Not sure where to put it, but LEMONADE.


@jsimsace: Oh, dear! Sorry I left out that old Do you have a favorite brand? Side note: I lived in the Denver area, close to Coors. Never, ever liked that beer. Over-rated IMO. My line now: "I don't often drink beer, but when I do it's Dos Equis." (I think it's because I LOVE that man!)


I love Arnold Palmers!

s21 s21

@s21: Are you sure you don't mean a John Daly? John Daly=Arnold Palmer+Vodka



Yes; I prefer with cream, no sugar but will drink it pretty much any way it is available.


Yes. Hot or iced is good. Sweetened, unsweetened or sweet (though I rarely have sweet tea any longer).


Not so much, though an occasional ginger ale or even a cola can happen (I stopped almost all soda containing phosphoric acid after my first, and thus far, only kidney stone).


Yes. Mostly red, but also white (gewürztraminer and malbec are favorites).

Liquor? Bourbon, scotch, gin, vodka, brandy, cognac?

Yes. Pretty much any whiskey (or whisky), vodka, gin. Don't like everything (jeagermister is not good, for example). Neat or with a splash of water, sometimes with ice.


Yes. Plain or sparkling.

Fruit/vegetable juices?


And you left off Beer? Lagers or ales?

Yes; generally ales over lagers.


Nine out of ten times you will catch me drinking water. I will have a diet soda from time to time with dinner. When it comes to the booze I like Tequila (neat), wine I am all over the place. I have been getting into Malbecs lately.


Coffee? Don't drink it unless it's blended (a frappe or frappacino from Starbucks)

Tea? Iced and hot, usually sweet. Teavana's chai blends are my weakness

Soda? Coke, can't stand diet

Wine? Not a big wine fan, but I drink Reisling

Liquor? Captain Morgan! Midouri

Water? Filtered tap, if I'm on the go, Poland Spring

Fruit/vegetable juices? 100% juices like cranberry and sometimes orange


Coffee, don't drink it
Tea, same
Wine, the stuff my wife drinks on occasion
Liquor, Brandy
Beer, Miller High Life
Water, tap water
Fruit/Veggie Juice, Off-Brand V8 with 50/50 mixed with a can of beer every night.

I'm a simple man who enjoys simple things.


Coffee: Black, Cream and sugar, cappuccino, latte, pretty much anything but decaf/
Tea: Any hot tea, unsweetened ice tea.
Soda: Almost always Mountain Dew, but I like rootbeer, cream soda, cherry coke, Dr Pepper
Wine: Don't like it.
Liquor: Love me a long island.
Beer: Don't like it.
Water: Well water from my dad's. Don't really much care for any other kind.
Juice: I kinda like all juices.


Coffee: Yes, please. Community New Orleans Blend (with chicory). Cream and Sweetener. Not too crazy about most other coffees. Bring my own when traveling in case the hotel coffee sucks.

Tea: Southern sweet iced tea! I order unsweetened iced tea with lemon at restaurants and add sweetener. I go on binges with hot teas, usually preferring raspberry or peppermint blends. Then I burn out for a while.

Soda: Diet Coke. Nothing else will do. Hate Pepsi! You are more than welcome to enjoy it, but for me, yuck. Just yuck.

Wine: I have to stick to the whites mostly. Reds trigger my allergies (although Alexander Valley Vineyards Merlot is darn tasty). My favorite is probably a Johann Falkenburg Reisling. Just the right sweetness for me, but mostly I have to go easy on wine.

Liquor: Various and sundry. Not much of a sipper these days. Give me something with an umbrella in it, or a silly martini and I'm happy.

Fruit Juice: Best served with liquor. I do like Pear Cider. Does that count?


Coffee: Folgers/Maxwell House will do...cream only, no sugar. I prefer the Guatemalan and Costa Rican coffees the best, but I can't have them all the time.
Tea: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. Add a spoonful of honey and it's just right. I grew up on sweet iced tea, but now I prefer unsweet iced tea.
Soda: In order of cravings: Orange soda (Crush, Sunkist, or Fanta), Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Mtn. Dew.
Liquor: Tennessee or Scotch whisky are my favorites straight. Spiced rum, gin, vodka all rank up there, but they need to be mixed.
Beer: Sweetwater 420, Redhook ESB, La Fin du Monde, PBR.
Water: I'm a tap water guy. I do like a good sparkling mineral water sometimes.
Juice: Grapefruit, orange, fancy mango/papaya/passionfruit blends. I used to say pineapple juice but it gives me migraines.


Coffee, definitely, and black.
Sweet tea (I'm Southern)
Red wine, I'm in a grenache phase.
Beer, Mic Ultra, watching calories
Tap water. I'm cheap.


Coffee: Nope
Tea: Red Diamond Sweet, or Earl Grey with a couple of sugars.
Soda: Mountain Dew Throwback
Wine: I love a good Cab.
Liquor: Grand Marnier, warm/hot
Water: I have the best tap water on Earth.
Juices: Simply Orange, no pulp.

I drink more Crystal Light lemonade than anything else on that list.


Coffee? Espresso

Tea? Hot: Earl Grey or Orange Spice Cold: Black or Green

Soda? Coke Zero or Dr. Pepper 10

Wine? Red: Cabernet Sauvignon White: Sauvignon Blanc

Liquor? Single malt scotch

Beer? Redhook ESB, Anchor Steam, Fuller's London Pride

Water? Sparkling

Fruit/vegetable juices? Apple cider


@rprebel same here. Crystal light lemonade or grapefruit


@michaelha: I just tried the Pure Kiwi Strawberry mix and it's great.


Coffee? Eight O'clock decaf, cream only
Tea? Hot - Lipton. Iced - unsweetened, no caffeine
Water: Tap w/ice
Pop: Occasionally Barq's Root Beer
Occasionally a bourbon slush or bloody mary


This month it's Sam Adams Octoberfest. Love the local keg supplier <3


Coffee? Rarely and half mixed with hot chocolate. Used to be my burn through finals cheat, that or grapefruit juice -- yes really, so tart it woke me up and the pizza turnover truck guy usually had some on hand.

Tea? Green. Gunpowder, matcha, sometimes jasmine. Rarely black and Earl Grey. Even iced. Usually Stash.

Soda? Nope.

Wine? Nope.

Liquor? Beer -- Dogfish Head. Hard cider (taking suggestions)

Water? Like the occasional sparkling in a fancy glass with a twist of lime.

Fruit/vegetable juices? Carrot when under the weather, chock full of Vitamin C orange mango etc mix otherwise.

And do occasionally like to sit in a comfy chair, read a vintage hard copy newspaper and drink a green tea latte made to my specs.


Coffee? Never acquired a taste for it.

Tea? Iced. Any brand; hell, Kroger makes an awesome instant tea.

Soda? Diet Dr. Pepper, diet Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke at bars.

Water? Plain old tap, except at work where the well water is undrinkable and we have a bubbler.

Fruit/vegetable juices? Orange on the rare occasion that I drink it, usually diluted.


Coffee? daily ritual. prefer blue mountain or a cafe au lait
Tea? Depends on the time of day. For dinner, I like to sip some hot green tea. In the summer, cold oolong or hojicha is nice. Some royal milk tea to wind down at night. There are so many others - chai, ginger, etc. Tea is quite lovely.

Soda? do not really drink much of this, but if I do, I would choose a ginger ale or grapefruit soda
Wine? Prefer whites - moscato, champagne. Not too picky (sophisticated) and will try anything that is not dry. But not drinking anything right now due our new baby.
Liquor? Do not really drink it straight, but enjoy various mixed drinks. Cannot say I am partial to one liquor over another though.

Water? Throughout the day I sip exclusively on sparkling mineral water. Iced tap water is ok.
Fruit/vegetable juices? Any and all are good, though I try to find ones with 80% or more real juice. Have been drinking a lot of acerola and blueberry juices lately for health benefits.


Coffee: Can't Beat a Timmy's Double Double
Tea: Tetley's British Blend, 2 sugars, w/or w/o Milk
Soda: Pepsi,Pepsi max,Dew(Reg, Diet, Code Red,Voltage,Game Fuel),Dr.Pepper(Reg&Diet),Coke,Cherry Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke Zero, wild cherry Pepsi, A&W, Sundrop, The list goes on &on...
Energy Drinks: Almost any Flavor of AMP, Rockstar (Reg,Sugar Free, Zero Carb, Xdurance, Recovery Grape, or Lemon)
Beer: Currently enjoying Hudepol.
Wine: Not really a fan
Liquor: Rum. mainly Captain, or 151. occasionally some Cabo Wabo Tequila.
Water: we have VERY hard well water(650-700ppm Total Dissolved Solids), so we get bulk filtered water @ the grocery($0.29/gal)
Fruit Juices: Grape, Apple,Orange, Not From Concentrate if available.


all I drink is plain old water.


Coffee? No

Tea? Earl Grey, Hot

Soda? Coke with lemon, Cherry Coke or Mountain Dew

Wine? Just that little plastic cup I'm served for communion at church the first Sunday of the month. It's a red. It doesn't taste very good.

Liquor? Nope. I hate the taste of alcohol in any form.

Beer? See above

Water? Filtered, cold and with ice

Fruit/vegetable juices? Apple cider but only real apple cider, the kind that has to be refrigerated and is cloudy. Anything else is just apple juice.

Milk? Skim and as cold as you can get it.

Gatorade? 1/4 red fruit punch, 1/4 orange, 1/2 water, slightly colder than room temperature

Kool Aid? Tropical Punch. Black Cherry in a pinch.

Mostly I drink milk with meals, tea in the morning at work, a bit of Gatorade after my workout and water throughout the day. Most days I drink over a gallon of fluids.




Coffee? Anything made with Espresso. I don't even like any other kind of coffee.
Tea? Iced, unsweetened.
Soda? Coke, Pepsi, RC Cola depending on mood and/or paired food.
Wine? Relatively low alcohol, little/no oak taste, somewhat sweet. Don't know my varieties.
Liquor? Never ventured there.
Water? Filtered or bottled - can't stand the taste of chlorination.
Fruit/vegetable juices? I love straight cranberry (not cocktail) or prune juice. I'm not old, I swear.


Coffee? NO!

Tea? not really just when I'm sick. I have no preference

Soda? Mountain Dew

Wine? Not a big wine drinker but I would hve to say red on occasion

Liquor? Bahama Mama (preparing myself for incoming jokes)

Water? Poland Springs or tap

Fruit/vegetable juices? White Grape


Coffee? Sometimes... mornings at work where i don't have to pay for it :)
Tea? Turkey Hill Green Tea.. my household necessity
Soda? NEVER!! unless i have terrible cotton mouth at a friends house and it's all they have
Wine? Very Rarely.. White if any.
Liquor? Whiskey all day
Water? Favorite beverage.. bottled water, or fridge dispensed.
Fruit/vegetable juices? Florida's Natural Lemonade (not from concentrate)

Forgotten category - BEER? Yuengling Lager Draft


Coffee? Black & strong

Tea? Hot: Black & strong

Soda? izze, if it counts

Wine? depends on my mood

Liquor? gin

Beer? lately IPAs which I had never liked before I moved to Seattle

Water? tap, lukewarm

Fruit/vegetable juices? this may be where izze should go