questionsplease do not comment on the comment spammers!!!!!


Can I comment here on your comment about not commenting on the comment spam comments?

If so, I would say, "No comment."


You can comment on my comment about not commenting on the comment spammers but I would prefer that you didn't comment in the threads where the comment spammers are commenting.


What? You have a day job? You don't get paid enough by Woot Universal to skip the day job? You need a union! And a union organizer!


She has two jobs. One at woot doing something, and the other somewhere doing IT.


what the hell are comment spammers? you mean people casually talking about great deals on Viagra? Because, I've got some great deal on Viagra.


Oops, I just tattled on one. I'll stop now. Thanks for taking care of this!


@sirlouie: Tattling is fine. It's commenting or replying to them in within the thread (e.g. PLEASE STOP) that makes cleaning up the mess a bit harder. THANKS!


@magic cave: Yup. Woot is just my PT job (nights/weekends). Unfortunately (for me), I have a habit of checking the sites in the morning. Sigh.


@vinithehat: We had an attack of people posting links to their sites within the threads as comments. Hence, comment spammer. Best name I could think of on the fly.


Wait, so those weren't awesome deals on some shoes??????



So to clarify, if a spammer posts a spam comment to any question or deal, we should not post additional comments to those questions or deals until the mess is cleaned up, even if what we have to say is relevant to the deal?

That's what I'll do. Or rather, not do. You know what I mean. Thanks.


@thunderthighs: Yes, ma'am, will do in the future, but those were simply too bad/good to leave alone. Sorry it caused you more work :(


@sirlouie: Oh no, go ahead and post your comments on the deal or question, just ignore the DIESPAMMERDIE. Don't reply to the IHATESPAMMERS and don't make a comment about the SPAMMERSFAIL in the thread. That is, if you can resist of course. We understand, in some cases, resistence is futile.


@lavikinga: Eh, there weren't many comments but I figured people were waking up and may have a hay day. I mean, it's not like it kills Deals or anything. It just that the comments make no sense after the FREAKINGSPAMMERS comment is deleted.

You know, a place for everything and everything in its place. Hate to have comments dangling out there for no reason.


@thunderthighs: Hey, obsession is where you find it! The killer poodles wake me at 5am insisting they have to go out? No problem -- I can just check the deals.woot site while they do their thing. Pitiful, isn't it?


If I posted a link to youtube for the Monty Python Spam skit would I get delorted?


I'm having a new patio put in, and the coment truck will be delivering the coment to be poured @ 8AM tomorrow.


Man, that's just WRONG.

Dearest @thunderthighs, @faughtey, or whoever else might be about...

Feel free to delete this comment when you see it, but after reporting about 10 of these via the tattle, my little fingers are tattled out. In addition, I need more coffee...

Two more:

Where's my gun?

Do you think that the three comments on this question (by the creature was deliberate?


@shrdlu: They're all over the popular question threads, not just this one. I've tattled too, but it appears they're not in yet.


@durkzilla: There's probably a hundred questions (and deals) with this crap, and any number of accounts doing it.

I may wake somebody up pretty quick. The worst thing about all of this is that I like to see when there's new activity on a thread, and the way Deals works, when they delete these comments, it won't show new activity until the comment count returns to its current value. Not sure why that is, but it's too early for me to think about it.


Just woke up. I'm on it.

Eating poptarts & pew pew pewing.

Update: @faughtey @jumbowoot @shrdlu @durkzilla
Mintes to kill: 30
Sites blacklisted: 5
Posts from Spammers: 135
Posts yelling SPAMMER!: 25

Dear @zippy the pinhead - In the future, please do not respond to the comment spammers yelling "SPAMMER!". Just means we have to go back and delete them. To quickly delete these, I filter comments by the user name and delete the comments one-by-one -- but it's pretty fast. I had to pause in the middle of that to hunt yours out in the list of all comments.

//gives @zippy the pinhead the evil eye and sends him to the corner for a 30-minute timeout.


@thunderthighs: You poor thing. I think it was just one stunning blast from several accounts, and then that was that. Pew pew pew indeed.


@thunderthighs: We can count on you to rid the world from clutter and annoyances. What flavor pop tarts? Cinnamon and brown sugar is the only way to fly.


@dangela424: Exactly. Without the power of Brown Sugar Cinnamon, I couldn't have done it! In our house, they're known as Mommy Pop Tarts. And my son is now 20. LOL




@thunderthighs: This was the FIRST thread they posted in. In addition, the first comment said "good" so it was deliberate. Hence my extra hatred, and strong desire for an actual gun plus target (I have the gun, but no way to quickly get to the target, more's the pity).

Actually, I'm back to wanting you to block all of APNIC, even though that means that Australia and New Zealand wouldn't get to play, either.

Oh well. It's a beautiful day outside, and nearly warm enough to go out and do more spring cleanup.

Oh, my, just saw the previous comment. Let's all jump on @zippy the pinhead for the triple smackdown (remember to put quotes from the @ to the end of the name so that it'll go straight to the deserving one).

[Speaking of which, dearest Thunder, you need to go back and edit your comment to make sure he gets it]


@shrdlu: Ah, wondered how you did the name if there was spaces. Shows you how much I know.... sigh. Thanks!


@shrdlu: I was introducing @gatzby to the local cuisine:

Texas BBQ at its finest. Nom Nom Nom burp Nom Nom Nom


HA! Caught that one in the act! HAHAHAHAHA!


@artdoug @zippy the pinhead

Please stop commenting on every spam. I just have to delete your comments too.


@matthewjfazio Hey there! Could you please not comment on the spammers. Feel free to tattle on one and tell us there are multiple posts. Giving the username of the offender helps too. We can filter by that username and quickly delete the posts. However, if you respond to them, we have to go back and look post-by-post to get rid of your posts too.