questionsis onecco a scammer or not?


Call your Credit Card company and have them cancel the transaction.


scans those two threads

So to answer your question...yes, scammer.


Thanks, I have already placed a dispute with my credit card company.


Oh man, the lynching of @Oncecco in the first thread that @conanthelibrarian was definitely a deals.woot highlight of mine. I feel bad for those who have been scammed by them, but the lynching was at its finest.


Excellent advice about cancelling the CC transaction. @luvche21: It brings to mind the saying "There's safety in numbers." :)


@luvche21: That was me!! I love how DW had my back!! Just look at the thread lol


This is the company that famously said

"In the future guys, don't take anyone's verbal word on a price, here at ONECCO."

And no, that's not a sarcastic line from a negative review somewhere, that's the words of the company (which may be just one guy) on this very site. I would not give them any money for any reason, order anything no matter how good a deal it supposedly is, browse their site or otherwise engage them in any way.


@jsimsace: Safety in numbers always helps :)
@jseureau: I'm still glad that you got what you payed for, I still can't believe some of the things that company said on that thread, it was so childish!

Skype recently screwed up bad and won't give me a refund which they promised (plus they're jerks about it too) ...oh how I wish they were on DW to have a proper lynching ;)