questionsnew to woot - what is a jumbowoot and a wootathon?


Hello there and welcome to woot! I'm sure you'll find your time here quite enjoyable. First off, 99% of your questions can probably be answered by visiting woot's FAQ. Since I don't think @jumbowoot and a wootathon are covered in the FAQ, I'll do my best to explain them.

As far as I know, jumbowoot is an alias for an actual woot employee. Jumbowoot is responsible for sending out emails from time to time and every now and then some coupons (if you're lucky).

I think by wootathon you mean a "woot off", that is where woot sells a few of one item until it's gone; then it's replaced by a new item. This continues all day, or stretches over a few days. A woot-off is traditionally where wooters find the best deals, and where you may be lucky enough to find a BOC (bag of crap).

Hope I answered your questions, if you have anymore please feel free to ask.


I think Jumbowoot's position is more geared towards customer retention and satisfaction. Knowing woot, he/she probably has multiple titles, like lead monkey wrangler and Fun-a-teer . He's/She's one of the few long running mods who does (in my opinion) a fantastic job.


@bogie21: just an FYI - it's Mr. Jumbowoot


@bogie21: i think you've got the new amawoot confused with the old woot based in texas.


@jumbowoot is just awesome. He is also judge, jury, and executioner of deals.woot. All told.


What is a jumbowoot


I'm new to this forum and don't know why, but maybe it's because I was always pretty happy with my original discovery of Woot. In all my previous Woot transactions I used to get a card showing the latest discount code (I think it started out as 10% off any additional purchases made over the following couple of months and then dwindled to 5% off for the remaining month...and maybe $5 off/free shipping for the additional purchases). I bought last month but didn't get a card with a new code. [Continued below]


[Continued from above]

Now I'm searching for a code, and pretty much all I get are either redirects to Woot deals or old and current references to JumboWoot. Finally, I just discovered that JumboWoot is just a guy, not a Web site or whatever, and there are no new codes, just the "formula" for creating the old codes (DWmonth12). I just tried using DWmonth13 to get DWJAN13 and DWFEB13, but those codes didn't work. Maybe all discounts have ended? Times change, management changes, etc. For obvious reasons, no one from Woot is talking.

As someone else here mentioned, many of the low-priced "deals" aren't, when you have to pay the added taxes and shipping, especially when you can sometimes find some deals with free shipping or no taxes. While the old Woot deals typically turned out to be pretty good, it still pays to shop around...and that's something that will never change.