questionsfacebook or google plus? what do you like about…


to be called a community, doesn't it need more than 7 active members?


Isn't that similar to choosing between dental work with no numbing or being exiled to a deserted planet?


My dog has a Facebook account but ZERO friends. That way I can keep up with some news feeds I like.

I have absolutely no desire to share personal information on Facebook or on Google +.


Google is like my travel toothbrush. I don't use it everyday, but it's good to have a backup on-hand in case something happens to the original.

Facebook is full of clutter and garbage, but it's where the people are. And if that can keep MySpace going for as long as it did, then certainly Facebook will be around until someone makes a truly massive improvement to social networking elsewhere.


For me, the Google Plus community seems to be a bit more professional, and clean. Being a techie, I seem to find more useful tech stuff on Google Plus.

That said, there is rather weak support for Google Plus. Most people I know have G+ accounts, but do not actively use them.


On Google plus I share something daily... I do not share it with the public. I do not share it with all my circles. This may give the appearance of non use to some of my circles, but I do not care, that is why they are in the circles they are in.


I've got a circle on g+ called "jerks"....


Google Plus is an interesting community when you get involved. The problem is, only active users who follow others in order to get followed ever see any of the "community" posts. I have a circle for people I follow who like to read, those who like to create (art/other), those who like Steampunkery, those who like random internet memes, those who play video games, random professionals who stumbled across me (or I stumbled across), and can look at them seperately, or I can look at them all in my main stream. The Algorythm isn't perfect, though.

We also used to be able to "Trend" G+ hashtags easier than we do now. I noticed that most hashtags are really what the blogosphere and news sources (which get plussed and re-plussed) are talking about. If the celebrity rags pick up something about the Kardashians, everyblog and their brother picks it up, and then it's a hashtag. It's a shame, really.

Facebook is for my family. G+ is for fun.

And Myspace is... um... vacant?


@hellmark: See, that's the "hallmark" of G+, if you will. If you follow only professionals, you get only professional posts. If you follow only Republicans, your stream is populated with Republican-leaning posts. If you follow a combination, you get a combination, without the noise of great swaths of immature internet memes and liberal-Democrat posts.

I follow a mix that I try to keep mostly non-political that plays to my spunky, creative side and so on. So you may see a "Professional" stream, but I see a "Lively" stream. It all comes to the same thing - a focus on the circles that YOU want to look at.

Linkedin is more "ridonkulously" professional than any other community I've belonged to, personally.


For me, the funny thing is that I follow mostly the same people on Facebook, Twitter, and G+, yet the content I see is vastly different. Facebook is filled with crap, like some punk kids loitering out on the street. Twitter has a bunch of conversation. Nothing really smart, but still enjoyable; your basic conversation that you would see going back and forth when on break or lunch. G+ is more the type of conversation you may see at work when you're back on the clock.