questionsanyone else having problems with goggles4u after…


I don't have any experience with this site, but personally, any website that has the text "4u" after the name I avoid. It seems many of the sites with this type of name are scams (I've done a lot of malware removal and much of it comes from sites that have 4u in the domain name).

Perhaps I'm judging the site a little harshly, but I would keep an eye on your account to make sure no suspicious charges show up.


I never any issues with them, but that really just means I've never had to deal with their customer service department. Definitely sounds like they should honor their original price of your order. Anything less isn't acceptable.


I went to use this site on one of their previous deals but going through check out the price jumped to almost double what it should have been. I decided to go with I haven't had any issues with them.


This is Steve from Goggles4u. I requested Mr. Damien from CSR to look after this issue and resolve it in best possible manner.
Let me know if you are still not satisfied and we will make sure to resolve this issue immediately.
The deal was for the basic pair of eyeglasses i.e. frames with standard lenses. As eyeglasses are a product which is highly customizable, we are unable to offer flat prices on various lenses due to their different production costs. If you feel that the promotion was misleading, we welcome your suggestions to avoid such experience in future. Our customer services are available 24/7 and once again I personally apologize for the inconvenience you faced.


I was contacted by Goggles4u again. At the bottom of a very long email, they basically said they would send me the two pair of glasses for the money I already paid and that I didn't have to pay any more.

So I will wait to see what arrives in the mail and if they make the glasses correctly.


I still haven't received the glasses I ordered yet. I wonder just how long it takes them?


I have ordered from this company many times before.
They have now changed..and are terrible, they have not refunded my money, even though I returned the frames, to them, they have stolen close to $80 from me.
Steve was supposed to fix this.
But nothing is being done.
Been nearly 3 months, since I returned the merchandise.
They have not upheld their policy.
I am pretty upset and disgusted with their treatment of me. they are Pakistan not California.
they have made mistakes with orders, several times.
Then blamed me for their incompetence.
they told me they would refund my money once they got the glasses.
They have not done this, they have the glasses.
I have no refund or glasses
I was told they would offer me, either another pair, or a refund.
I chose the refund.
My eyes are important.
And there have been at least 3 other occasions, that they gotten my prescription wrong


@zaura: If you paid with a credit card, then file a claim with the credit card company. They will chargeback the merchant and give you the refund credit, especially if you can document your claim.



We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our services. Please let us know your order number or you can send an email at: . We'll be sure to resolve this matter for you.

Kind Regards,
Goggles4u Support


I bought three pairs of glasses. Seven days after estimated time of arrival i am trying to get my money back. They can not give me even the number for tracking. Not serious at all. Never more buying here