questionswhat's your favorite ingredient in hot pot (spicy…


Duck Blood? hmmm sometimes I think it's better to just eat Chinese food without knowing what is in it!


I don't think I want to visit the world you live in, OP.

I know, it's probably just me, but your interests seem a bit, well, on the fringe. I think your comment on the following question was what made me notice you, though.

It's clear that you're not in the US, and I'm pretty sure that English is not your native language. I'll probably get beaten up for picking on you, but I just want to gently point out that some of your comments may be misunderstood. Or not.


@shrdlu: what makes you think english isn't my native language?
simply because i don't capitalize my letters and end my comments with periods like a grammar nazi?
but thank you for noticing me
i merely like to try new things
and point out various things i find humorous
maybe someone in the woot! community like the same things i do

upvote or downvote
it's all good!


Not a fan of hotpot. Had it for my first time on our last trip to China, it is defiantly something I could do without. Although one of my co-workers swears that the only reason he puts up with the trips to China is that he gets to eat hotpot while he's there. To each his own.