questionswhat kind of stuff do you take from hotels?


It's not what I's what I leave behind.


Remote controls, in case you're wondering why your room never has one. I love ebay!


@rprebel: Its not that hooker in the mattress thing again is it? You promised you would quit that.


I am boring... Nothing, ever.

I do hear the bible is the most stolen book, so anyone a hotel bible thief?


Nothing, it's all crap.

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@pickypickypicky: Let's not get caught up in who killed whom. The important point is NEW MATTRESSES!

edit: Mattress. Singular. Nobody should be out looking for know what? Never mind. NEW MATTRESS!


As I am typing this I am taking their internet. I am at a hotel until Sunday. I am planning on loading up on little bars of soap and pens. Can't get enough of free pens.


I take the complimentary vanity stuff and pack it up with sack lunches to give to the homeless.


To answer the question seriously, the pens and the notepad. Maybe a box of tissues if I happen to need a box of tissues at the time.

edit: @moondrake that is a great idea. I'll have to remember that.


Gosh, I guess nothing really. I take my own shampoo and soap anyway. I usually put the "Do Not Disturb" sign up for the duration of my stay unless it is for longer than a week. I mean, really, I wash my sheets at home once a week, why should I need it more frequently there? I like to not have people in my room anyway.

Though I suppose there really would be nothing wrong with my taking what they supply when I first get there so long as I'm not having them stock it daily.


@moondrake: Similarly, our family collects toiletries to donate to the local Healthcare For The Homeless. That's also where we send our bags of dentist freebies. (I find it odd that the hygienist always checks to make sure we are using an electric toothbrush, and then gives us a manual one.) To round out the selection we scoop up deals on hats, gloves, scarves, lip balm, hand sanitizer, water bottles, and anything else that regularly shows up on the local group's wish list. And guess where backpacks, duffles and hats from my Baskets of Cats went? Donations are always very appreciated, and yet it is very little effort or cost on our part.


@caffeine_dude: i don't steal them but I'll draw pictures in them and write funny stuff. If someone actually goes to read it they will be lol-ing all day.


Irony of ironies. I take the Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, etc. for when I travel, but I always travel to places that provide these gratis.


I usually take the personal-use items (shampoo, conditioner, lotion) and I have a small collection of travel-size sewing kits from days gone by when I traveled on business and stayed at pricier hotels. Other than that, nothing. I don't need their towels, I always have my own notepads, and I prefer pens of my own choosing.


Just the vanity stuff provided~grandkids like the little bottles.


@rprebel That was great.

I usually don't take anything, but your question reminded me of a very clever sign I once saw at a hotel in Buffalo, NY. It said something to the effect of:

We've noticed that people really seem to like our towels and linens. Therefore, we've decided to offer them for sale. If you take any, we'll assume you wanted to buy them and charge you accordingly.

Then there was a price list.


This reminds me of an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Chandler and Ross were ripped-off by a bed and breakfast so they spent their whole stay "taking" expendable items.


Toilet Paper. We usually stay one night in a hotel while in route to our ultimate vacation destination where we rent a house. The house has multiple bathrooms and never any TP when we get there until we go shopping. So we pick up all the TP in the hotel room to tide us over.

Never take the coffee packets - YUK!


Just the already-open toiletries that will be thrown away anyway. I like some of the hotel shampoos a lot.

They have your credit card on file. Taking towels is most likely going to get your charged $60 per towel or more. You can't be sure they don't notice and charge you. I've even seen a sign in some hotels saying that missing towels assume you loved them so much you decided to buy it and listed the prices right on the sign.


I don't tend to use hotel toiletries, as I prefer my own, but if the soap is particularly nice, I'll take it and ask for more. Hotel staff has always been awesome about giving more when asked nicely. Last time i got a giant handful of this amazing lavender-mint soap and now I don't have to buy soap for a while! I also take the sewing kits as they're incredibly useful.

My mother, though, used to steal bathroom floor towels from hotels--but only the ones that had their name and location imprinted into the towel. It was damned embarrassing, but she stopped and now, I've got to admit, we've a pretty awesome and useful collection of floor towels, so it's cool... now.


Hotels actually don't mind one bit if you take the pens and notepads. That's why their name is on them, these are considered promotional items. In theory, having the pen keeps their name with you so you remember them the next time you need a hotel. Stealing the glasses? Not so much, which is why a lot of places have switched to those wax paper things. Linens and towels? Yeah, again, those are for your use while there, not for you to take. The soaps and shampoos and such? Again, their logo is on them, and they are going to throw away the opened ones anyway, so take and enjoy.

The Bible? How can anyone steal a hotel Bible? The Gideons will be there 3 seconds after you check out with a replacement, they WANT you to take it. You don't even needed to go to a hotel, just ask them and they'll give you one. Although the irony of 'stealing' a Bible is entertaining.

The coffee maker, iron, hair dryer, etc are all hands off. Same with the TV AND the remote, and the lamps and clock radio.


I take pens and notepads and the complimentary grooming stuff in the bathroom, which I then use for house guests or for when I go camping.


I took home bed bugs once...

You should get your sheets washed everyday. Lessons chance of bed bugs.

I worked in hotels for years and they grouse about taking anything, since that is five more cents that they have to pay out. Unless the item is open.


paintings, curtains, lamps.... gotta LOVE motel 6 artwork!


Sometimes the coffee if it's good, but definitely not the soap/shampoo/lotion.
If the service has been good I'll leave a tip (if my wife reminds me).