questionsrevisited feature request: can we get pming on…


Just today:

A billion (over-exaggeration) more over the last year, but I wouldn't mind a better PM system along with having both fresh and popular tabs on the questions when browsing deals.


Woot doesn't use minion ideas. If they wanted to increase traffic to the site they would use my Active tab idea. They would also use the other ideas I have seen to either increase the number of deals on the fresh tab or at least have the ability to click a number for each page instead of going through them 1 by one. It's just a hassle the way it is and I only look at the first page now. I'm positive they would see more people voting on later deals if they didn't have to go one page at a time.


I haven't gotten back to this to update it so that it shows the number of messages you have (so you know if there are new ones), but it's better than nothing: