questionsdoes woot still want our participation in deals…


Why are you asking me? How should I know?


It's pretty clear they are reshaping this site into something different. Since they make money from the advertising and advertising rates are based on how much traffic a website receives, I'm sure they still require an active community. But I don't think anyone at WOOT corporate is going to miss the old crowd. We still have too much of the original WOOT spunkiness that they actively discourage these days.

The good news is this leaves the field wide open for a new company to come along and be the fun place DW used to be. I hope when someone finds that new fun hangout they come over here and let us know!


@bsmith1: Come on @bsmith1, stop holding out on us! We know you know everything about the inner-workings of the wiley woot ways.


@ohcheri: I'm thinking Educents is going to be the new place to hang out. (See the sponsored deals.)

I think it's funny in a sad way how much they've ticked you off. I think it's funny in a funny way how much we've all turned into grumpy old men (you too ladies). Things were always better in the past. Such is life.


Let's flood the deals side with coffins, flowers, flags, all things funeral to commemorate the passing of all things woot.


@thumperchick @ohcheri: you both make some good points. a lot has changed in the past couple of months. i feel like one day i'll pop on deals.woot and the "ask the community" section will be gone.


@bsmith1: I thought she clicked on "Ask the Community", not "Ask Captain Buzzkill".


I feel the same way about the rest of the Woot world. Change happens - I get that and I love Amazon but for some reason that insert fancy french here that Woot had is gone and that was what made Woot what it is today. Like Volkswagen losing their Fahrvergnügen in the late 90's.


While I agree to most of what is said, I have a counter question to the answers.
And would like to add my own comment to support it:
Old Woot celebrated our strangeness ahem


It is a recent feature.

It confuses me to Kitty!


Woot has sucked for a while now. i only hang around because i find the occasional deal and like to read all the predictable comments on the "Firefly" threads or the "Star Wars" threads (Han shot first!).

if there is a similar site that censors its participants less, someone please let me know

(this comment to be deleted in 5....4....3....2.....)


I propose an alternate explanation.

Woot is perhaps bleeding resources (human variety) and cannot afford to maintain "community" or deals.

j5 j5

@stile99: Capt Buzzkill reporting for duty! I'm hear to say, in my monotone voice, that I have no input of value regarding the subject matter. Carry on! ;)


It's just another case of what happens when a giant takes over something small and cool. I like Amazon, too, but it/they are a corporate giant and will do things like a corporate giant. So the old days here are gone. I guess just be happy you had it while you did. I miss terribly, but Microsoft bought them out only to kill it off. That was an awesome sight, dare I say even cooler than what this place was, and it has gone the way of the dinosaur because of another corporate giant. It's sad, but it's just the way it is.


Personally, I blame the downvote.

It makes me sad when I look through the new deals, and see a bunch of crap.



(Also, it acknowledges something i've said for the past year. RIP d.w.)


@pinchecat: I disagree, what are the mods going to say, no matter it is a lose lose lose situation for them.
Obvious it is not dw of 2 years ago, if they state that it is worse, then they only make it worse. IF they say it is different but better then they are attacked. IF they say same all is the same they loose respect and get attacked.
I hope they take note outburst like this and things change slower then planned, or change for the better, but even I am not that gullible.


Short answer.. No. They don't want OUR participation.. they do however want participation.

The distinction being: "we" is pretty much anyone (even mods) who has an interest in this thread. Anyone who fit in or was well liked in the old DW (ie @Snapster).. They don't want anyone getting people riled up with bizarre questions like "Why was my comment/deal deleted?"

What they DO want are middle of the road newcomers, who'll click their ads and not ask too many questions.

TL;DR: Less Accouterments Horse Heads Masks and Crabs... More USB Flash Drives and Jewelry.


oh, well downvoting my wholly accurate comment make a lot of sense. care to pile on any more of 'em?


@pinchecat: I just now got to read this thread and was thinking that this was the type of question where, a few months ago, inkycatz or thunderthighs would step in and make an attempt to quiet the rumbling.....


@pinchecat: You look fat in those jeans you like.


@robingraves: Can you link some proof, I have noticed mods tend to stay away from this sort of question. I will not count links to 'my stuff arrived broken from woot' because that has a solution they would be all over it. I will not count an specific problems with the site, for example 'when I tattle on stuff it does not go away'. OR 'can we have an auto expire', you know questions specific.

I am not picking on @pinchecat: or @robingraves: but I truly do not think the mods can respond in this question. So when people are 'speaking for them' I think is unfair, and I feel I need to defend them.

@pinchecat: fyi I did not downvote your 'no staff comment', I think it is unfair to downvote someones opinion. Unless it gives bad advice for a product, is hurtful to others, or is whining about downvotes.
Which brings me to admit something, I did downvote your downvote comment.

Lastly I think CD once said DW is what we put into it. IF it was not CD I am sorry to CD and the OP.


@caffeine_dude: no offense taken...i downvote all the time just for the * of it. kinda pointless mechanism tbph.


@caffeine_dude: I still wear the crab shirt, but no one understands the joke. Which makes it less cool.


@robingraves: I guess I do not see the specific 'woot sucks question' from 2 years ago where inkycatz commented.

Lastly I think CD once said DW is what we put into it. IF it was not CD I am sorry to CD and the OP.
Because I said ^^^^^^^
I added an 'old timey' deal.


I generally vote with my wallet. As this site has gone downhill IMHO, my purchases have become less frequent as well. On the original Woot! site I had a lot more fun and the deals were better and also not repeated as much. Now there's just an endless stream of krapp. Part of it has to do with the Amazon buyout of Woot. Eventually another hipper, cooler deal site will arise and the question will be Moot! 'Twas ever thus.


@zippy the pinhead: I'm now to the point that I can't even remember my last woot (Just went to look and it surprised even me - the first week of August, I bought a camera for my kid's birthday). A year or more ago, I'd be buying several woots a month.

Part of this is the culture - it's just more fun to buy stuff from a company that appears to appreciate you.


@ohcheri: Agreed. But is there such a place? Can there ever be such a place?
Point being, I enjoyed it here. I enjoyed the people, the questions, the comments, the deals, etc. I don't know if anything can replace that - to make it how it was in the "good ol' days" - mainly because the crowd is going to be different. Even if there was a place already set up, and all of us went over there, we would still be the "new guys" and would kind of have to fit in.
The only solution I can imagine is if there is someone out there in our crowd that has some mad programming skills to make our own site just how we want it. Just the DW portion. Eventually it would be worth it for them (because of ad revenues...). But is that/can that ever happen?


I still love each and every one of you.


@gatzby: Line forms at the rear.
Have ticket in hand for faster processing.

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@j5: I didn't know you were into that sort of thing.