questionswhere is going to be the best place to buy an…


Realistically they are going to be difficult to come by, however more likely to be available than the PS4. Large retailers are likely to be already sold out, however if you find smaller less notorious retailers you may find some luck. Look around for smaller towns in your area that may have stores. Here in Iowa we are filled with these small towns, one town had PS4s available throughout the weekend and didn't sell out until Sunday afternoon (They only had 5 for sale to start)


Ha - I'm surprised Microsoft didn't see this coming. Everyone refers to the original Playstation console as the PS1. Now, every time someone says XBox 1, people won't know if you're talking about the new XBox One or the first generation XBox console from 2001!


@omnichad: I've heard the cool kids are calling it the EX-Bone.


Where i'm at they're in good stock at the Microsoft Store at the mall.