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They don't exist anymore. Might get one from a fellow wooter, but woot doesn't do them any more.


Build a time machine and revisit woot in the days of yore.

You might also watch They have mystery boxes from time to time. They're more expensive than the BOC, but at least they're still doing 'em.


@the18thtee84: When did that happen? I'm thinking woot!'s days are numbered...


@the18thtee84: This comment by ADQ says otherwise, but I'll have to see it to believe it.


I'd suggest a DIY. Save up some pocket change, then go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of useless stuff. Put in in a box and mail it to yourself. Done.

The days when a BOC actually may contain useful items (and the odd HDTV) are long, long gone. You just get a bunch of, well, crap.


I posted this a while ago. It was a response on a product thread on the main woot page. Someone emailed Woot and asked about them. The answer was:

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.
We do still sell our Big ol' Cornucopia but we primarily promote it during special events through our social media outlets.
Woot Member Services,

Granted, the email does say "primarily" but my spider sense tells me this more or less means we won't see them pop up on site any more. I know I certainly haven't seen one since even before that thread.

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"Special events" = contests and such.

Rather than the 3000 or so we've seen in the past, I expect maybe 10 given away based on randomly selected entrants. So it's pretty close to a lost cause, given 10000+ people will likely enter such contests.

As far as other "crap," someone mentioned Thingfling already, but I'll also throw out Graveyard Mall. Their mystery items are more expensive (usually $20 or $30) but they tend to be high quality and you can actually return them if you hate what you get.


I've got something you can do for me and I'll send you a BOC...


@iggz: Or $20? But you wouldn't have to send it, sweetie. Unless you're into 'remote' things. Hi, iggz! :-)


If you really want a BOC, I'd recommend joining one of the community exchanges next time one is organized. You'll be gettting a box full of stuff and some of our wootizens are pretty liberal with their definition of "crap."