questionswould you like to share some farewell moments…


Everyone was included in my goodbye hugs, but I'll give them some more love!


Thanks, I really appreciate the note. I look forward to posting without the little staff badge, and possibly getting probated!


Any plans for the leaving staffers to return to St Louis? I mean, it is an awesome town and all. Plus that way I can buy you a beer.


To the fine folks leaving, Thank You. We all know who made Woot! We thank you for that and so much more.


@dave bug: Like your brother before you, I look forward to finally striking down your posts. Bwahahaha!

But seriously, we'll miss you. At least until we cross kayaks again.


@hellmark: As happens to most from St. Louis, I strongly suspect I'll be back there at some point. Not sure when, though, and I'm definitely not leaving during this beautiful Seattle summer.


Bye bye! Thanks for everything you did for us!

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@dave bug: I look forward to you having the time to finally read the blog and wonder why you didn't fire us all two years ago. And to hanging out with you as a person, rather than a boss.


@dave bug thanks for fixing my name. Sorry for the underscore.


[Now they can build woot into what they want]


I hope the contracts don't prevent You from doing/making something great in the future. Good luck.


@slydon: you can still hang out with him LIKE a boss!


Don't be strangers! Well, any stranger than ya'll are now ~_-


THEY deleted my Dave Bug T-Shirt Deal, but I still love you and wish you the best!


Best of luck to the both of you.


Thanks for the wonderful world you all created! Woot is the only thing in life I actually got addicted to. Now that it has morphed into something new....can I get back some of the years of sleep I lost????


@hot72chev: Was it a duplicate?

I was all set to post some Duff shoes as tribute to @LukeDuff, but work got the better of me.
Sorry mate. All the best.
Same to you @dave bug the staffer no more.

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good luck guys. i never thought i'd see the day bug and toon split up!

dave bug, jason toon, the hoff and missouri

sorry, never chopped a pic of lukeduff.


@dave bug: If you want some tips on the probated part, let me know. I'm what you call a professional.


Of course, you already did that here. I hope you do it again !