questionswhat are your thoughts on house sitting?


Choose anyone, just tell them you installed hidden cameras in case of burglary (even if you didn't), that way they won't go through your stuff.


I not sure if anyone does that anymore ? But I have always thought it could be a great way to make some extra cash for summer and at Christmas


Sorry, I misunderstood the question. Call me a dumb a**


We've had my ex house-sit a number of times for us. It means that they're there to let the dogs out first thing in the morning and last thing at night, provides a little extra security, etc etc.

Edit: Oh and to answer the cleaning up part, I think it's understood that you leave the house in the same or better condition than when you arrived. Don't fill a dishwasher full of dirty dishes and leave them there, don't track mud through the house, things like that. Those might seem obvious, but people lack common courtesy these days.


I don't go away much, but I'd probably only allow a trusted friend or family member to do it. My younger cousins often have one of their babysitters (who's often a family member!) stay at their house to take care of the dog when they're away. For me, it would really have to be someone I know and trust. Not sure about the "services" you pay for (course you'd usually pay the family member something, too). And I agree with the previous poster you'd probably leave the place in the same condition you found it, but I'd clarify the rules with the house sitter. No parties!


We have had so many house sitters over the years for our dogs, mostly professionals, anywhere from $15-$60/day. We have found that "you get what you pay for" is generally true. Professional pet sitters charge a lot because it is their entire living and they must pay the bills. This made sense to us. Getting a trusted friend to do it for a lower rate would be ideal.

If the house sitter is living there, then keeping the house in the same condition they found it is generally part of their job. No one wants to come home to a mess they didn't make! If that includes taking out the trash and sweeping, then yes, they should.

If they are just stopping in a few times a day, then trash and sweeping should not be included. Taking in the mail, newspaper, and watering the plants should be, though.

Good luck with your choice!


You know I would have more anxiety about people going through my things so it would have to be a friend or family member. You would have to make it clear what they are to do. You can have them stop by your house twice a day to feed and let the dogs out and just check on the house and no housecleaning is expected or you can have them stay at your home the entire time and maintain the status you had it in before you left. I wouldnt expect it any cleaner than I had it before I left though, since theyre just watching the house and pets, they arent a maid service. You would save quite a bit of money than you pay doggie daycare doing it this way and you have the peace of mind that your dogs are happy at home.


As long as it's someone you trust...

I've done it for family before. Its no big deal.


It would definitely have to be someone I would trust not to go browsing through our stuff.


I've housesat a couple times. For me, it's because I knew the people pretty well and went to church with them. That means if anything went awry there was a lot of social stigma attached... I'd suggest if you're part of a faith community to let someone from there housesit, especially if that person lives in an apartment. A house is a huge step up from an apartment after all.

Otherwise, you can also let an older child of a close friend do it. Your friend's still around in case things go awry, and it gives that kid a taste of responsibility.


If you know the house sitter, great. But why wouldn't you continue to take them to grandmas? Is she getting sick of it? Too hard? Don't underestimate the importance of somebody that really cares about the pups.


When I was in college, I would do it for my brother and he paid me in beer. To the right person, it can be as much of a vacation for them as it is for you, so you may not even have to pay very much, if anything. Someone who has a bunch of roommates and wants some peace and quiet. Some who lives in a crappy place and would enjoy an upgrade for a bit. Someone who lives with their parents. Someone who LOVES dogs, but can't have one of their own. I think those are good candidates because they'll do it on the cheap and will appreciate the opportunity enough to take care of your place so you might ask them to do it again. I would NOT just pay some random person off Craigslist to do it.


Iv house sat for a couple that live 2 hours or so away from me on several occasions.

They have two little inside dogs, one huge outside dog, and a nice house. They would prefer to have someone they can trust to watch the pets vs kenneling them.

They usually pay me in cash and allow me to use any service in their house, pool, hot tub, rent movies, eat food, etc.

I of course clean up after myself, dishes, counters, trash, etc. I feel if you house sit, you should leave it in the same condition as you entered it with the exception of food you eat if that was part of the agreement.


I've never put my dogs in a kennel. I've always gotten someone to puppy/house-sit for me.

When I didn't live near family, I would find a coworker or friend I trusted that had no pets of their own.

Now that I'm back in Texas, my brother comes and stays with the critters when I leave town.

I prefer this option because my pets can at least stick to their schedule and familiar surroundings while I'm gone. Plus they're not gonna get sick like they might in a kennel.


We currently don't have pets. Closed on the house knowing baby was on the way, and I feel it's cruel to dump pets into a new home, and then less than a year later add an infant to their just settling lives. If we did, one of our neighbors would likely keep an eye on them whenever we went away. One already has keys, and we've already swapped short term kid-watching for errands here and there. If I can trust them with my kid, the house and any future pets will be fine. We seriously lucked out on this neighborhood. I didn't know places (or people) like it existed anymore.