questionsany suggestions on fix for images not fully…


Is your hard disk low on space?

You probably won't like this comment, but there is always Google Chrome. Honestly, if it fixed the issue, it would be enough for me to jump.


A similar reply to that of @capguncowboy: Using Chrome I had to clear my cache to make embedded videos watchable. May be something similar with Firefox. Or not.


cache has been cleared. Have at least 37GB of space free on a 500GB drive, and I have 8GB of RAM (2x 4GB on a dell XPS15 laptop) .

It's intermittent and appears to only effect images from certain sites. For example, I'll do a google search for an image, and the search results will all load the thumbnails fine, but when I click on an image to view it full size at it's original page, some load fine, some load partially as in the OP. The very first place I noticed it was at OHcheri's site. When looking at an item's page on, the result is as in the example above, but if I then click on the image to view it larger, the larger pic loads fine.

I like firefox, have it running on all our family's computers for at least 5 years now. Tried chrome a little bit last year, but prefer the feel of firefox.

I can usually troubleshoot problems myself, but the seemingly random nature of this problem is driving me nuts.


Do you have another browser installed you could try? I'd like to know if it's only happening in Firefox.


I suggest you try another router (if you have an extra) or test from another location. I've seen strange things happen that sometimes a reboot will fix. In one case a UTM firewall was causing issues with pictures loading due to AV caching, etc.

Hope this helps.


@spectrumtic: only have the one router. I regularly reboot it about every 10 days.
Just unplugged the router and plugged laptop directly into my internet connection. (fiber-to-the-home, no modem.... direct connection to the web)


I am going to go in a slightly different direction.
I agree with @missellienc that you should try another browser, but for a other reasons.

I am wondering about an interaction between antivirus software and the browser.
The newer browsers are very careful about separating memory space and threads handling displays.
To speed display some things are prefetched at a lower priority in the background, when doing that, it creates an empty file of the proper size in the browser cache (temporary user file area) but antivirus software may be set to scan a file as it is opened or copied. The browser is downloading to memory and will write the image to disk cache when it completes. But it is a low priority and stops and starts.

The problem may be that the AV scanner thinks the file is being opened and prepares to read it. That locks the file on the system from being written. The browser then tries to complete it's write, but finds the file is locked.

Try disabling AV scanning on access.


just tried an Ohcheri page in both firefox and Explorer, and it looked identical to the incomplete firefox image...

edit: Just tried it in chrome, and the image again only loads partially. Slightly different in chrome than it looked in firefox/explorer:


@tpscan: that may be it, I just installed kaspersky around the same time I started having this problem. Only thing is that I also installed kaspersky on our other computers at the same time and they DON'T have this problem....

going to check if disabling AV changes things, but I'm not sure what you mean by "disabling on access", can you elaborate a little?


My home PC started to wig out after the latest Java update. Pictures were not downloading or only doing it half way and my PC was slooowww. I uninstalled it and installed the Java that software developers use. Haven't had a problem since. I use Chrome, Windows 7 32 bit

Here's the link that can walk you through it:


I agree with @tpscan... Turning off antivirus software was my next suggestion if it affected more than one browser. I have seen where Kaspersky 2012 has issues with images not loading completely. They say 2013 corrects the issue.

To test this theory: Open Kaspersky, click on "settings", go to the tab "web antivirus" and then de-select "Enable Web Antivirus".

I pulled the instructions from Google so I apologize if they're incorrect.



Modern anti-virus usually includes some firewall features plus traditional virus scanning as well as a function to monitor web traffic, email and low level system access and file access. Sometimes this is called Active Protection or Host Intrusion Detection.

There is a default level of protection, but almost every possible function has a toggle or adjustment.
I can't give you exact directions, but under the Setting Preferences or Options, there should be a section labeled Advanced settings for "active protection" or on-access.

You are looking for something that refers to scanning FILES on Access (read) or On-Write or On-Copy.

Normally the folders for temporary system files is not scanned, but I've seen this happen before because there is some small naming difference on a folder that does not match the exclusions (whitelist) the AV vendor created.

Don't know if that helps, but if toggling the AV off changes the behavior you at least have a start.


@missellienc: that did it, thanks! Images are loading correctly. I'll play around with settings to see if I can enable web protection without screwing up all the images.

"Open Kaspersky, click on "settings", go to the tab "web antivirus" and then de-select "Enable Web Antivirus"."


finally just upgraded from kaspersky 2012 to 2013 and that solved it.
Thanks for all the assistance, figured this would be the place to get a quick answer.


I have basically the same problem but random pictures won't load at all. Multiple internet connections (comcast, frontier dsl, verizon business level) multiple routers from a basic linksys up to a cisco 7200 series. Multiple machines (win 7, win vista, xp, ubuntu linux, red had linux) multiple browsers (chrome, firefox, IE 7-9) with and without any virus protection.

Woot claims they have never heard of such an issue but over the past 3 months it is progressively getting worse to the point I cannot view products and often do not purchase from woot because I cannot verify the product by sight.