questionswhat will woot-offs look like in the new "woot…


Suppose we will have to wait to see. I seriously doubt any of the staff will let us know the answer to your questions in advance.


I would say frustrating. Hopefully wootalyzer still works during a woot-off, so I can just use it to navigate instead.


A new tablet every 14.7 seconds, and a "Woot-Off Plus" section offering several different vacuum cleaners, a variety of products in leopard print, and a full selection of Beanie Babies from 1998.


Aite, but the system is beta. What changes might they make before the next woot-off and what about the remaining quantity functionality? I'm also pretty sure that the $5 all you can ship deal will be off and understandably so...


something like a huge cluster $%&*.


Hopefully it will be super confusing so the ultra-geeks (myself included) will have an edge. Also, being a total fangirl, there isn't much Woot could do to drive me away. Not even that restraining order.


The woot-off shall proceed as normal, however, when the Ballads of Carpathia arrive, there shall be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, as the servers will die, and won't work right because of the extra clicks.


Amazon will sell the BoC on their website, and have a link hidden in the ASPX of the main web site all day.


We proceed as normal, and there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth when the BoC eludes us.


I'm almost afriad there won't be woot-offs anymore...