questionsseriously...what's with the crab off! ???


By @crabnebula :

"To bring back our friends of the past,
You must don a crabby costume and do a dance,
And say the name of those you miss,
Before you they will stand
And with a smile, they will hold your hand.";

The community is channeling the crab in an attempt to lure back long lost members!

... or at least that's what I want to believe. I BELIEVE.


Thank you! That's the most helpful post I've seen on this all day!


Remember that movie "Weird Science?" Things just happen. You do a little crab dance, utter a few chants, wave around a crab mallet or two, and the next thing you know it looks like Red Crab Mating Season on Christmas Island!!!


@thewidup: actually it wasn't the worst bit of repetitive deal posting in history there have been others in the past year. It happens all the time, just relax and enjoy it.



I'm not crabby or tense. :P I said "recent history" not all of history.