questionshas the number of comments on the deals sideā€¦


I've definitely noticed this as well. Not to mention that the majority of the comments have no worthwhile connect to the deal. Example-movie deals usually just contain movie quotes, i.e. princess bride anyone? I have also dropped considerably in the number of comments I make. I've received tons of down votes for voicing my opinion or even giving worthwhile information, so I just stopped. I'm pretty apathetic about the entire thing now. But that's just me.


I think it's because people are tired of having their comments deleted.


@ohcheri: I don't think that's really the case, or at least, it's only a partial cause. While it's true, certainly, on some deals, I think that the more likely explanation is that everyone is suffering burnout. I see so many comments downvoted (and really, downvoting someone's comment because you don't agree with it makes no sense to me) that I am not surprised that people are discouraged from commenting.

I have a pretty thick skin, and there are still times it bothers me. I was making helpful suggestions on the request for help on the English Comp paper, and got downvotes. I seriously considered not helping further, but decided that it shouldn't matter, and just continued on.

I downvote comments if they're mean, mostly (and some of them are really meant to be cruel), or if they're self-promoting (and those usually get removed as comment spam in any case).

In addition, there are so many "deals" posted that are just JUNK.

So it goes.


I would answer your question, but I'm afraid it'd get a negative vote, so I wont. Sorry.


@drewsrq: That is Ok.. I up voted your comment just in case...


Personally, I think they should do away with the downvotes, even if it's nice to be able to downvote a deal that's not really a deal. A lot of times I get ticked off when I see an item that I don't know much about that has a few downvotes and NO COMMENTS. I need to know WHY a deal isn't good sometimes and I think downvoting has made people lazy.

Plus, the average wooter seems to use downvoting as a way to discredit people who don't share the same view as they do on anything from movies (for the record, Highlander DOES suck) to political views.


@hobbitss: I up voted EVERYONES comment! ;)


I wasn't very active before the switch to the new voting system... but when I leave a comment on a thread, I usually think twice and consider whether it might collect of downs. So probably just fear of the downvote is lowering the number of comments.


@czarkingkaiser: Plus, the average wooter seems to use downvoting as a way to discredit people who don't share the same view as they do on anything from movies (for the record, Highlander DOES suck) to political views.


I agree 100% with this statement..too many people want to pull out the soapbox instead of just saying 'yah or nah' if its a good deal or not.

WAIT..what did you say about Highlander??? (J/K)


@ohcheri: I don't understand. Why are comments being deleted (except for the obvious use of profanity)?


@katblue: There are the rules and then there are Unwritten Rules...
I find it very difficult to comment on @Ohcheri 's deals since most of my comments are Deleted without reason (IMHO) while a virtually identical comment posted by someone else will remain unmolested... I believe this stems from my habit to question why posts were being deleted in the first place and getting generic boiler plate responses from the Mods... I made it a habit of re-posting the deleted comment with a question asking what was wrong with the post that required it's deletion... My comments continued to be deleted and I was then accused of being a Troll by a Mod... I now have my own personal Stalker ummm FAN club, yeah Fan Club, although they haven't been that active lately... A number of the other Black Triangles have also gathered their own "Fan" Clubs..

Did you know that working Mods have voting rights, including down voting???

Existence of Double Secret, Unwritten Rules is still only speculation..


@hobbitss: Comments being deleted, without cause; working mods down-voting (hmm, so I guess they can up vote, too?); stalker fan clubs; secret unwritten rules. Oh, my aching head. I'm going to have to think about all of this for a while.


@katblue: The moderators choose what comments they feel add value to the discussion of the deal. Different mods have differing points of view as to the meaning of "value" and, as @hobbitss pointed out, some members of the community are targeted. If the mod on duty doesn't like you and/or your comment it will be deleted.


@ohcheri: @hobbits: Thank you for taking the time to explain some things that I have been wondering about. One more question, if I may? About the time that I started coming over here, some of the "old timers" left because they were upset about some changes being made. Now, I know that this was in a beta format, for a while. Were these changes made before or after coming out of beta? Just wondering...


@ohcheri: Well Said... Thank you...

@katblue: There are times when I believe any comment I leave might attract unwanted Negative votes both for my comment and the Deal posted... So I just vote and move on...


I also think there are fewer comments left. That's a shame. I want to hear a users experience with the product/seller whether it is + or -

I got downvoted like crazy because I called out a seller for selling a magazine to men only. I have yet to see a deal on here that was only available to men. Fair is fair. If the deal is not for everyone, it shouldn't be allowed to be posted.

I think that the first person to leave a downvote on an item should leave an explanation why. For some reason, there is a mob mentality about some items. They see a downvote, have no idea why it is given sometimes, and follow suit. Weird.


@dreamyvelvet: I agree with the positive of having feedback from others who may have had experience with a seller or an item... However, I disagree with the idea of downvoting a deal based on its universality - to whom it may or may not apply. If it's only for veterans, I'm fine with that. If it's only for those who have a MasterCard account, great. If it's something geared towards males/females, why should it be any different? (by the way, I upvoted your comment in good faith)

And I don't feel that down votes necessarily need an explanation, though it can be helpful. For example, I am a bit of a home theatre guru (calibrator/audiophile), and I regularly downvote comments with misleading "information," particularly about blu-rays and hi-def material... Just one of those things. I've answered a lot of questions about that sort of thing, and I don't feel that I necessarily have to repost a wiki-like entry to correct something every time misinformation appears.


Wow, there are some really interesting "theories" being spun about here on a standard variation of "oh noez comments being deleted", but I daresay that it isn't as simplistic as it seems.

Also, rules. They're tough, they're new to some, but they're applied to all as best we're able.

Keeps us from being replaced by bots. Just sayin'.

(Also, feedback always appreciated :)


Hmm -- I comment less because there are just too many things posted. It takes time to generate a thoughtful comment. I try to budget myself and time.

Maybe it just seems like there are more deals being posted at the same time down-voting came on line.

FWIW, I down-vote rarely, usually because I recognize it as SPAM, or a troll or there is a flaw in a deal or know something specific that alters the conversation. Usually I post a comment about down votes if I can add to the general understanding.


@drewsrq: I feel this way too! If I'm not sure my comment is a "good" one I refrain from posting because I'm seriously scared and hurt by negative votes!


@tpscan: You don't have to post on a lot of deals just pick some that you're interested in or knowledgeable about and post short comment...

It is like @shrdlu: stated above, "In addition, there are so many "deals" posted that are just JUNK."


@inkycatz: Thank you for your vote...

Huggs and kisses to you too...


@hobbitss: Yeah, I do just that, being pickier about what I post. But it does seem like there is more chaff these days. More chaff = more winnowing to get to the grain. Less time to play WOW or MOH. ;-)


I guess no one read my tags....


@hobbitss: Sorry -- Obiwan can't help you <[:{(


@hobbitss: poor little hobbitss

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