questionshow do you get white deodorant stains out of…


Taken from Yahoo answers:

There are several non-toxic ways to remove deodorant stains from laundry. Don't resort to throwing away your favorite t-shirt if you haven't tried these methods first:

Salt. Yes, salt. Salt will remove many deodorant stains. It is safe to use salt on colored as well as white clothing. Get the t-shirt wet and sprinkle salt on the stains. Let it sit, overnight if possible. Just before washing, scrub the stained wet t-shirt with a little more salt before throwing in the washing machine. The salt will not harm the rest of the clothing. If the stained item can be placed in the sun and kept wet, it will be even more effective at stain removal.



Vodka is also an effective stain remover and works well on deodorant stains. Just pour some vodka on the stain before washing. Rub in a bit. If the deodorant stain is substantial or has already been put in the dryer, let the vodka sit for at least a couple of hours. There is no need to rinse out the vodka before adding the shirt to the washer. There will be no alcohol smell in your laundry after the rinse cycle.

Vinegar is another safe, effective way to remove deodorant stains from clothing. Simply rub the stained area with vinegar. Add the stained shirt to the washing machine with the rest of the clothing. An added benefit to using vinegar in the washing machine is that vinegar also softens clothes.


@woothulhu: Salt and vinegar have so many amazing uses. I never considered it though for working on clothes! Thanks for posting this..and to OP for asking the question.


Maybe try using a stain remover spray, let it sit on the stain for awhile before washing. Soaking it may help too. Right after work spray it and let it sit in some hot water to soak, spray a little bit more on and then wash.

Vinegar is like the miracle cleaner though, that may do the trick.


The best answer is to switch to a deodorant without an antiperspirant, because that's what causes the stains.


Pantyhose! I know, odd! Just use a small piece to rub the deodorant off.

It has saved me more than a few times!


What about getting deodorant stains out of white shirts?


My answer will not be as good as the one provided by @woothulhu, but just a suggestion to help prevent the problem going forward. With your black polo shirts, wear an undershirt underneath. Much better to get those deodorant stains on a cheap undershirt than on your good polo shirts. I wear a v-neck undershirt under all my polo and dress shirts, that way you don't see the white collar. Try it, you'll get used to it!


I used to always have that problem too, now I only use the clear gel kind and I never have deodorant stains!! From my experience it works just as well as the solid white kind.

Hope this helps =)


You start dying your deodorant black.

Eventually, the black stains will stain the white stains, problem solved.

Although it does create another small problem in the process.. staining a stain creates a Superstain. The only problem with Superstains is they have a tendency to completely destroy your arms (from shoulder down).

Beyond that, you're golden.


Great answers, guys. And here I've been using scissors...


@woothulhu: Thanks, I will try these and then get back to you and let you know.

Thanks everyone for your answers. I'll also try switching to a deodorant without an anti-persprent.


I used to have deodorant stains ALL the time. Started using Lavilin a few years ago and it's absolutely brilliant! I've never had a stain since, even after I work out or travel. I use it every other day and it does the trick. Check out for more info.