questionswhat's a good online pharmacy?


Not sure how the prescription prices compare with the competition but I've been very happy with the service from


I get a lot of emails for viagra websites for some reason... from spambots that don't realize I'm only 28... so if you need those, I've got lots suggestions...

I have express scripts and they won't cover maintenence meds at a pharmacy -- However, Sam's Club and Walmart both have really good prices on most generics. Have you looked at those?


i use northwest pharmacy in canada - my doc sends my scripts there just like she would send them locally - prices are good and they ship quickly


If you've got a script for one of the generics that Walmat or the other big stores can fill (or your doctor is willing to rewrite said script for generic), then that is probably your best option for those drugs (it is hard to beat $10 or so for a 90-day supply).

I use Medco, though not by choice (my union's drug plan is with them) and I'm mostly satisfied with their service and prices. One of the three maintenance drugs I use went generic back in March and the price for a 90-day supply went from about $35 to $12, with no ill effect. The other two are not available as generics and a 90-day supply of both runs me about $120.


@jimsjil: was the first I looked at, only site I knew was legit and US-based... and they are about $30 a month cheaper than my local drugstore (CVS), so it's a start.

@baqui63: Generic isn't available sadly :(

@gretchena: Nice site! Prices are great. That's one of those sites I would have thought was sketchy as hell coming across it myself, to be honest... but if you have personal experience and they're legit that looks like an option. I'll need to look for some more reviews, but that's the best prices I've seen by far.



If I didn't have a drug plan at work, then Northwest would definitely save me money (their prices are about 10% more than my co-pays).

One interesting thing I noticed... they show generics for both of the drugs that I was told about six months ago are not available as generics. In fact, they show an Over-The-Counter version for one of them. I think I'll be calling my Doctor and Medco tomorrow to see if there is now a generic option for one or both of these.


If there is a Costco around you and you are a member, you should check into their prices. You would be pleasantly surprised that they are almost always a lot cheaper than even

Jim Sinegal (Costco soon-to-be retiring CEO) has built an incredible company. But their low-cost prescription and their low-cost optics are little known non-secrets. :)


I use for a prescription that I take regularly. For that item at least, they are cheaper out-of-pocket than my insurance co-pay would be at a local pharmacy. Oddly, on an OTC med that I also take, their price is not that great so I just buy it at Costco. Their free shipping option usually gets to me in 2-3 days (Ohio to Oregon). I have not had a problem with them in 2 years.


@baqui63: the patent laws are different in canada, so there may not be a generic in the US for that drug - another problem with our healthcare system - isn't it amazing to pay triple (and sometimes more) for a medication that could be available in a generic just so the drug companies prosper - makes me sick personally - i also say if a doc is against you ordering from someplace like northwest, i'd find a new doc


@novastarj: i had great service with them - my one thyroid medicine i couldn't get in the u.s. because of patent crap and fda junk, they sent it and i had it in three days - some of the others take up to 10, but never has it been more than that - i do believe they only take visa though ;9)


@gretchena: "the patent laws are different in canada, so there may not be a generic in the US for that drug..."

One of the drugs in question is Niaspan 500mg (time release niacin), which Northwest has in an over-the-counter version as well as the generic and name brand Rx versions. I found the fact that there is an OTC version up north even more interesting than the existence of the generic.

"i also say if a doc is against you ordering from someplace like northwest, i'd find a new doc"

My doctor wouldn't care about my ordering from them, though he might not want me on the OTC or generic versions for some reason (eg. the generic Welbutrin problems that led to several tragic deaths).

I wasn't able to call him today (very busy at work) but I'll definitely be speaking to him soon.


This site obvious name but they have always been reliable just fill out medical questions at checkout and they send it without a formal prescription.


@jimsjil: sales medicine without a prescription. I never had problems so that's who I recommend.