questionsdid you hear about the new xbox?


That's basically just speculation at this point. I think Microsoft officially denied some of that, but it's all rumor until they release the real details.


Wouldn't a game automatically become USED after the 1st time played? Think about that for just a moment. Something was not explained correctly to you.


@morriea: What he's saying is possible. Sony has a patent on a technique to tie a physical game disc to a single user account so once one person registers the game it becomes worthless to anyone else. So you can keep playing your own "used" games but you can't sell or even lend them to anyone else.


@samstag: I think the person he was talking to meant to say "backwards compatible", not used.


@morriea: I disagree. The rumors that have been going around were that both MS and Sony were going to make it impossible to sell/trade/lend games because they'd be locked to the first user.

Backwards compatibility is a separate issue and the rumors in that area say that the next xbox will play 360 games.


Requiring 24/7 connection would exclude a lot of potential market in rural areas. Even people with dial up and satellite wouldn't want to put up with it due to slow speeds with dropped connections. Doesn't make business sense.


I wonder what this does for video game rental services like Gamefly.

It's rather absurd if they would force these things on a new console. If someone has to drop $500 on a console and they can't play games with a wonky internet connection, they would be livid. I've also never seen any single game worth $60. Having to pay a subscription fee for multiplayer support on top of all that would drive the console into the ground.


From what I've read that is more than likely going to be a feature (most of it's speculation at this point but who knows) I hate to see another thing like the movie rental store disappear but in this day and age the best way to distribute anything electronic (especially games) is through the internet.


This rumor again?
So far there has been absolutely nothing said about the next Xbox, and with Sony already confirming that they won't block used games on the PS4, it would be suicide (well, even more suicide) for Microsoft to do so. It ain't gonna happen.


I guess we'll find out tomorrow :-)


I suppose so, but I'd be really surprised if Microsoft actually went the route of no used games and DRM that's been rumored. Might even result in my not buying a Durango, if they do.


There are two issues here:
1) It is possible that Microsoft will try and lock a game to one device. That would make the game publishers very happy (eliminate used game sales, something they have wanted for a long time) but would piss off their customers AND many retailers (including Amazon now, which sells used games). The retailers especially would be unhappy, as they typically buy the games for a few dollars and sell them for much much more, with the difference being nearly all profit. Profit from new games is quite small. I don't think they will do this: they stand to gain too little and lose too much. Plus, if MS did it, then I bet Sony would not (and vice versa), giving the one that doesn't allow used games a huge marketplace disadvantage.

2) The new Xbox (and PlayStation, as well) will not play the older games natively. Both of them are abandoning their current processor types. (continues below)


Sony used their proprietary Cell processor, which ended up being a bit of a bust: the work involved in getting it to perform in software was just not worth the end result. The Xbox used the PowerPC processor, which (despite what the late Steve Jobs said) was not the greatest in terms of efficiency or power. The PS4 is going to use an AMD APU (combined CPU and GPU) which will be based on x64 architecture. This solves one of the big hang ups of the PS3: it was hard to port games to the cell processor. Games will be written for the PC and the ports to consoles will be easy (or vice versa). It's unknow what Microsoft will do with the Xbox, but I'm going to be it will be a similar solution.


I wonder if Xbox will release a console with less than 70% failure rate this time. This used game rumor has been going on for years. I doubt this will happen. What they have been doing to combat some of the sales loss from used games was making the multiplayer a downloadable feature linked to accounts. That way if you buy a used game you still need to flip some money to the developer if you want online features.


No we haven't because the event starts in a few hours.