questionsis there any hope that shirt.woot will use…


@studerc: I'm afraid you're right, but since I'm frustrated and feel ignored, I thought I'd bring it up over here again.


@trekmiss: Yea, didn't mean to be blunt about it or anything, but that's just the way things have progressed. If all of the frustration and angry comments and whiny when the switch initially happened didn't change the system then I don't see any going back now.

I haven't purchased a shirt since the change and its definitely a bummer as I have found many shirts worthy of buying. Its just the principle of the matter and I won't be swayed to change my stance. (Like many of us)


@studerc: Seconded to you. I haven't bought one since the change over, as the descriptions of the new blanks suggests they won't fit me well. And I'm not willing to spend cash to find out.


I kept my word that I would give the Anvil blanks a try by getting them in Randoms. The MXL has shrunk ridiculously and caused the design to get all warped and weird. When I emailed about it, I got a general cut and paste answer saying I probably dried it on high heat or something, but they would (and did) send me a refund.

Now, I'm a HUGE fan of service@woot! They are amazing! I think it stinks that the lousy cut and paste reply they are having to give about these crappy blanks puts the blame on the customer.

I treated the Anvil shirt as I have all my other woot shirts before. None of them have ever shrunk that much before. The Anvil shirt washed twice is 3 inches shorter than an AA MXL washed countless times.

I was reading on the shirt.woot forums a couple days ago and came across where @ProfHotpants said that the Anvil shirts shrink less than AA. I have one word for that...HOGWASH!


If they could, I think they would have already. I doubt the change was from the shirt staff, but rather by direction from someone higher up - like the bean counters.

To put into perspective, I thought spending $2 at Goodwill for an unworn copy of My Morning Sidekick was questionable because it's on an Anvil blank. Others thought the same too, since it was still there when it got to half-price (which I did purchase at that point; what I'll turn it into, I don't know yet). I've since passed up 3 copies of Read also, all in their unshapely "glory".


At this point I see only two chances that they will switch back: slim and no. :( Also, I have not purchased an Anvil shirt.


I accidentally bought a shirt and forgot about the change, and the shirt ended up being too big. Luckily I had a friend who appreciated the design and took it off my hands.

I bought a shirt for my mother, since it was a design I knew she would like.

Otherwise, I have passed up 7-10 shirts up because of the Anvils.

As for them going back? I'm afraid that it won't happen anytime soon...if it ever happens. I like the suggestion that others have brought up before, which is paying more for AA blanks, but I understand this could complicate things and they already are having quality control problems.


@grimskull89: I gave up counting after I hit 30.

On another note, what's a week here without some shirt pics? So here's the Anvil ML (when it was just washed/dried twice) on top of an AA MS (1/4" difference), on top of an AA 2XL (for neckhole comparison).

For more shrinkage comparison, here's the same Anvil ML over a heavily worn/dryer-dried AA ML (1-7/8" difference) over a lightly worn/line dried AA ML (3" difference).


I wish they would. We gave them a couple tries at our house but no more. The fit is just plain bad for me and my wife. I don't even bother looking at the designs anymore; there's no point.


I wish they'd go back or at least offer the option to pay more for the AA blanks. Now I'm stuck with buying the different types of hoodies and that's it, and the color choices are very limited. This hampers my buying since hoodies start much higher than shirts and I'm digging the Zipups and those are $5 more than the pullovers. :-/ sigh


Just a comparison of the neckhole of various shirts from various sites:

Goodjoe - American Apparel 2001, made in USA. These are what Woot used to use. :(
TeeTurtle - Next Level Apparel 3600, made in Nicaragua. The same blanks are used by DBH too.
Threadless - Canvas 3001u, made in USA. They switched to these after last year's debacle.
Old shirt.woot - American Apparel 2001, made in USA. Size M3XL used for comparison only to ...
New shirt.woot - Anvil 980, made in Honduras. This has been washed/dried 4 now. Note the width, and this is why we dislike them.


As for the length, here's the Anvil 980 on top of the Next Level 3600:


I love woot, but I'm switching to other sites that print unique shirts off of blanks that I like. Like you said, no matter how good a design, there's no sense in sacrificing quality.


I'm out of the shirt.woot game completely since the switch to anvil blanks. I have a drawer full of well loved AMERICAN APPAREL woot shirts but the collection won't go any further with these crappy anvil blanks. Bring back AA and I'm back.


I'm not too picky, I buy the shirts more for the design than what country the shirts are made in. So I have continued to buy shirts on occasion, though the occasions have been significantly more rare. I have had multiple Anvil shirts that have started to fall apart before even 1 wash, though, including one of the randoms I got just yesterday. So I will not continue to buy them. It is disappointing, for sure


The quality of Woot shirts is complete crap


I'll add my voice to the chorus. The Anvil shirts run smaller and shorter than the AA's, plus have extra-extra large neck holes. I greatly preferred the AA's, and would be willing to spend an extra buck or two to buy them again.


Another singer in the crowd. I've unsubscribed from woot emails and dropped the site from my daily morning coffee list because of the Anvil switch. No sense in looking at cool shirts I refuse to order because I know I'll just be disappointed when they get here and the quality is crap. Have said it before, but I wish woot would have just raised the price a couple more dollars and kept the quality AA shirts than raising the price AND lowering the quality. Such as shame - I really miss the site and the community. Would be back in a heartbeat if they ever switch back to decent shirts. (Only here today cause a friend mentioned the ramyb sale.)