questionsdid 9/11 really change everything?


For my 4 walls, yes. 3 of our largest clients were in the WTC. My company was about to go public, we were set up with generous corporate share plans, stock options, and I was about to be promoted to the highest title my resume has ever held. The company folded that Friday.

So yes, it changed things quite a bit...again, in my little corner of the planet.


I think it profoundly changed the way we thought of life and its fragility for a few years. Today, I don't think we're very different from the way we would have been if the towers never fell. There are still definitely people who will never be the same because of that event, but a lot of the United States' population has.... moved on, for lack of a better phrase. It's sad to see that too, because in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, almost all the citizens of the United States seemed to come together and help one another, but nowadays, it seems that we've all grown apart again.


Yes, it gave the government the right to intrude into American's lives. How convenient.


Not to take away the effect of 9/11, but a lot of things change everything to anybody.

But yes, 9/11 impacted the country and the world greatly. I'm willing to bet the majority of the country knows somebody that knew somebody that was directly affected by the tragedy.


It didn't change reality, but it changed a lot of formerly complacent American's view of reality. The USA was vulnerable to major terrorist attacks before, and had been hit before, but the warnings of counter-terrorism experts went unheeded. 9/11 finally shocked people into seeing the threat, to the point of vastly overreacting, passing repressive (and probably unconstitutional) "Patriot" laws that gave the illusion of safety without any underlying reality, which is exactly what the terrorists wanted.

As for me, I had friends at the Pentagon who died in the attack.