questionsdoes anyone know a good video camera for stop…


Are you planning on purchasing software to assist you? I know most of the stop motion software that can be purchased & downloaded are set up to use something as simple as a webcam. It depends on how much money you're willing to spend, but Logitech, Creative, and everyone else makes decent HD webcams. That may be an option worth looking into.

But man, reading your post makes me wonder why they canned Lego Studios. They were probably the most fun, and most interactive Lego sets ever produced!


You don't need a video camera for stop-motion. You will need software and a still camera.

I started my son with a similar kit several years ago.

If he needs something really simple with explanations, you might want to look at a stop-motion kit like this one:

For an 8 year old, that should be good, and let him start making stuff immediately. Once he's done a few, he may need some more advanced software. Free ones are available and you will need to make sure that it is compatible with your camera. You will want one that has 'onionskinning'.

I used that as a steppingstone to get my son interested in 3D rendering software - currently blender from


@capitalggeek: PERFECT, that looks like just what i was looking for. Resolution is lower than i wanted BUT for an introduction to stop motion and just being 8 I think this will work fine. If he really gets into it I can always upgrade Later.


@eraten: I remember Lego Studio now, With ALL the Lego movies, especially Star Wars related on youtube you would think they would bring that back. I been looking for a way to buy a lot of Star Wars Lego men as well. To make a good MOVIE you got to have some extras. 3 figures do not make a clone army!! :)

WOW, those minifigures can get expensive!!


If you have a smartphone, those work too for inexpensive stop motion.

For the iPhone I have iMotion HD and it's free! Features are pretty good such as being able to control from another iPad or iPhone (or Touch) and "onion skin" so you can see the previous frame. And more! :] I mainly use this app for timelapse photography and the results are spectacular. :D

If you have another kind of smartphone.. theres probably one too in the Android store.


I'd recommend any cheap camera that lets you manually set the exposure and shutter speed. If you don't lock those settings, then the picture will get brighter and darker from frame to frame (like an old silent film) because the camera might make a different judgement based on how many bright objects are on-screen and where they are located.

I'd expect to be paying somewhere around $140-150.


@gthuffines: Oh, right. You DEFINITELY don't want a video camera for stop-motion. It really over-complicates things. I didn't mention that in my tips above. I also missed that he was only 8, so you can disregard my "pro"-level tips in my previous comments. A cheap mini tripod would be very helpful for him. He can't be holding the camera - it has to stay in one place. Try this one:


Stop motion with a non video camera works really well. Even when I was taking video for animation shorts, I would also take stills of each pose and usually ended up using the stills. I tested a couple of stop motion programs but haven't gotten advanced enough to need anything more than the iMovie program.

You might want a camera that works best at macro and supermacro settings.