questionsdo you have ooma premier?


Ooma Premier seems like a rip-off to me. I considered getting an Ooma Telo when we cut our Comcast digital voice plan, but the whole "Premier" thing shook me off of that. The features are OK, but you are still paying $10.00 a month. (Yep, I'm that cheap...)

Instead, I went with Sipgate and a hardware SIP adapter. It works great, and is cheap. Incoming calls - free. Outgoing calls, I think it is something like $0.019 a minute? Even when I forget to use my cell phone for conference calls, the cost stays relatively low. Since last December, we have averaged $4.50 a month, including the e911 service fee ($1.90 / month).

You can check your call logs online, listen to voicemail, etc. All sorts of features, I know I don't use all of them.

Ooma Premier might make sense if you make a lot of outbound calls, we really don't.


@apfrehm: I am not familiar with Sipgate, sounds like a good plan. I have the Ooma already, and it is unlimited in or out going, with zero per minute fees, within the U.S. It has all the same feature you are describing, and that is at basic service. My monthly bill runs me just $3.47, so I am pretty cheap too, especially since my hubby's boss pays a $25 monthly stipend for phone/ fax service. Did you have to buy a unit for the sipgate? Because that was the biggest expense on the Ooma, although I got it here, cheaper.

I'll look into the sipgate, as some relatives are looking to make the switch. Is it reliable, are the calls clear? Do you know if you can you fax OK?

I don't expect you to have the answers, but I am trying to figure out if there are any real life advantages, to the Ooma Premier service, which is $10 more a month. The one thing that attracts me is the ability to "blacklist numbers", and to have numbers automatically blacklisted. Like say, telemarketers.


@pickypickypicky: Sorry for not answering this sooner.

Sipgate requires hardware, but it is more generic SPA adapter hardware. They should have a compatibility list on their site, I bought an old Sipura SPA device off of eBay for around $20. Calls are reliable, but I have never tried faxing. We had a couple issues lately of the other line hearing some cross-talk, but that is only recently, and only a couple of times, and could be unrelated to the service. Faxing is supported, I know that much, just never tried it.

Blacklisting is a bit harder, you would need to do some hacking to get that to work, maybe using Asterisk software to configure it. I haven't poked around my device's web page to see if it has an easy way to do that. From what I can tell, Sipgate does NOT have an interface for that.


@apfrehm: Thank you for the info, since your first posting I have been looking at sipgate. For some reason it didn't come up in any of my research prior to buying the Ooma. I bit the bullet already, and bought the Ooma for myself, since it was the only one that I looked at then that had reliable faxing, which is a necessity. Family and friends are interested in going voip too, so I will look at it for them, for sure. Everyone is so familiar with vondage and magic jack, but there are a lot of better choices, I think.

Anyway, you have given me a lot of great info, and I really appreciate it, Thanks again.