questionsquestions about windows 8.1 from a mac user.


VLC in navigation dropdown you can find the title number.Not tested yet.

Soooo, hard, to not, slam, Windows 8, must resist, rubbing, salt in, your wounds.


Chrome has an option to launch program or app (Windows 8) mode. You can change that in settings.
Windows Media Player plays DVDs natively (doesn't it?). What happens when you put the DVD in?


@acraigl: Thank you for attempting to assist.

Chrome does appear to have the option you speak of. It says, "Relaunch Chrome on the Desktop" but when I press that option, it goes to the windows start page. I click Chrome and it's still full screen.

I'm not 100% certain but I had it installed when the computer had Windows 8.0 and I thought it launched in the desktop. Now that I upgraded to 8.1, it now launches full screen.

Regarding what happens when I put in a DVD, the computer came with Cyberlink PowerDVD. It does not seem to have the ability to play the whole movie. I can play each VOB file separately and that's definitely not what I want to do. I need to know which title it goes to for each menu that I navigate to.


@caffeine_dude: VLC is an awesome program and I have been using it on the Mac for a long time. However, I cannot find the Navigation pull-down that you're referring to.

The pulldowns that I have are Media, Playback, Video, Audio, Subtitle, Tools, View, and Help.

This VLC program does let me play the VIDEO_TS folder just like it would if I put it into a standalone DVD player but it doesn't disclose what title it's playing. There can be up to 99 titles in some DVDs and that's a lot to search through when you're looking at the code so I'd like to get a hint from the player if possible.


i reccomend getting "classic shell" for windows 8. makes it almost like windows 7. much easier than the windows 8 setup


@drsilentg: Ha, ha. I still have Windows 7 and considered downgrading but I'm a bit stubborn. I cannot believe how non-intuitive this Windows 8 is and I'm trying my best to get around the problems without installing any hacks or changing registry entries. I'm trying to keep it as vanilla as possible. This way, I can learn the nuisances of it and explain them to friends when they encounter the same issues.

At first glance, I would say Microsoft really screwed up on this version. It's the first time since Dos 2.0 that I had to read the manual. I couldn't even figure out how to close a program (there is no x in the corner) without reading the 6 page leaflet that it comes with.


@caffeine_dude: A thorough test of VLC shows that it doesn't perform the DVD commands properly. Using that program, in my test DVD, it jumps right to the video. Using the DVD player that comes with OSX and a standalone DVD player, it goes to a menu first.

I no longer trust VLC to show me the proper title information.

I did find PGCEdit and it sort of works okay. It's a little cumbersome but does seem to be accurate. It also lets me make edits to the program. The interface is a bit hard to get used to so I'd still rather buy a nice DVD program that works like a standalone that tells me the title that is currently being played.


I admire your tenacity.
I can't help you , I'll stick w/ my mac. Just wanted to wish you Good Luck.


@ceagee: To be clear, I'm still mostly Mac. In fact, this new laptop is the only PC I own. The rest are all macs. I have a 12 core Mac Pro, an iMac, a MacMini, and a MacBook Pro. My second MacBook Pro is at my girlfriends house and I don't want to ask for it back.

The Macbook pro has an intermittent problem with it shutting off suddenly so I analyzed what I do with it and mostly just edit DVD's on it. All the DVD editing software is PC anyway. Haven't found any good Mac equivalents so I've been running them using VMWare fusion.

So I decided to buy a $900 PC laptop instead of paying $2600 for the MacBook Pro replacement. The MacBook Pro is still worth that extra money when you consider it comes with a large SSD, higher resolution retina display, and more memory. I just cannot justify paying that much when I use it one day every 2 weeks or so.

Now if I can only figure out how to use Windows 8.1 and get a good DVD Player for it, I'll be all set. Windows 8 is HORRIBLE!


One of the easiest ways to have chrome and calculator open at the same time would be to open chrome and move your cursor to the very top of the screen until it changes to a hand, then left click and "drag" that hand to either the left or right sides of the screen, were it will dock. Then open the calculator and it will use the other side of the screen. Once both sides of the screen are open you can slide the divider to determine how much real estate each program has. There are a few other ways as well, but this one should help.


If you are doing this (relaunch in desktop mode) this should work. If it isn't there may be something odd going on. I've never had any problems with Windows 8 or 8.1, so I'm a bit of a loss to explain what is going on.

Windows 8 does have some odd ways of doing things: but so does every other operating system. Including OSX (cough). I get rather violently intolerant of Mac users who pretend their poop doesn't stink. OSX is as strange as any other (I am forced to use it from time to time). And, I would point out, that there is one (and only one) program on my computer that causes crashes and freezes. It comes from Cupertino: it's a piece of trash known as iTunes.

When I get home I'll see if I can't replicate your problem and find a solution.


@cengland0: Not much time to test again, just moved to new PC and do not have the right files, but try shift M, for DVD menu.


@willyone: Thanks for that tip regarding moving the mouse to the top of the screen until it turns into a hand. It worked. What's really neat is I got that split screen by accident once before and didn't know how to do it again.

The calculator opens in the desktop so what it actually does is opens the desktop in one half of the screen and Chrome in the other. That works but it sort of crunches up all the other apps that are loaded on the desktop portion.

It's a solution that works in a pinch.


@wilfbrim: Weirdest thing -- the "Relaunch in Desktop" feature is now working. I swear it didn't work yesterday. I even had a friend over when I tried it multiple times so I have a witness that will collaborate my story :)

Just thought I'd try it again now that someone told me how to do the split screen in Windows 8. Wonder if that's why it worked. Hmm.. Anyway, that problem is fixed.

Now all I need to know is how to reverse the scrolling on the touch pad and which DVD player to use that accurately plays the menus and shows me which title is being played.