questionsdo you de-activate your turn signal at stop…


nope! and i clicked outa the comment box because i was thinkin, this has to be a silly white triangle question :P. i dont think its a big deal either way


No, I always leave mine on to let oncoming and waiting traffic know what my intentions are.


My "clicker" is not loud and my music drowns it out anyway. I think it would be harder on a bulb turning it on and off than leaving it on (just a guess). I have one vehicle that is now 13 years old and I have yet to replace a turn signal bulb (knock on wood). If I was behind you I would think you were confused about where you were going... turning one minute, going straight the next and now turning.


No, I wouldn't do that. Turn signals are for letting the people around you know your intentions, and turning them off and on without changing your intentions could confuse them.

Props for using them at all, though.


Seriously, saving the bulbs? They cost like $2 a pack at Wal-Mart. And any difference will be negligible.

Signal your intentions, that's what they're there for.


If I am at the light long enough for the clicking to annoy me I turn them off. Then back on when the light changes or is about to change. I think that's plenty of notice for the guy behind me. One of the most courteous things I have seen a driver do was one evening when I was waiting at a light. I drive a small car and there was a big pickup behind me and their headlight lined up perfectly with my side mirror. I'm very light sensitive (those new super bright LED headlights are going to kill me!) so I was holding my hand out the window in front of the mirror to block the light. The driver behind me saw this and turned off their headlights till the stop light changed, and waited till I'd pulled a few feet ahead to turn them back on. I thought that was a great kindness.


I cancel them if I have to wait at the intersection very long. The tick-tock of the turn signal annoys me. Feels kind of like leaving the wipers on when it's not raining -- I can't help thinking of an old Bill Cosby line: Dumb guy! Dumb guy! Dumb guy!