questionsdoes anyone else think they have woot offs way…


No, I don't think they come too often. The last Woot-Off was the 26th and 27th of June, almost a month ago. There were some special BOC's sold for Woot's 8th birthday, but there was no regular Woot-Off at that time. Once a month seems about right.


They have always been monthly that I can remember.


The biggest change I have seen is Woot-offs in the past sold off the remaining unsold stock of previously listed items at a further reduced price and then some random funny items (Todd's Dirt etc.). Now it seems that a Woot-off sells items at the normal Woot price and many of the items are "normal" products that are listed during Woot-offs rather then getting their own day. In the past you could get some great discounts from when the item was originally sold on Woot making it an incredible buy. Now it seems that we get the same prices but the items change during the day. Still gives you something to keep an eye on but the days of the totally unbelievable deals you could get seem to be over replaced by just getting a normal "sale" price.


@raider9924: I couldn't agree more! It seems like they're just reselling items they didn't sell during normal woots, for the same exact price! Where's my impulse to buy if it is the same price? In fact whenever I see something that I recognize I go back and click through the previous woots to see if the price is the same. The only thing that I've seen in the past 6 woot-offs that has dropped in price was a mirror on home.woot that was then $5 cheaper than a previous woot. Hardly a bargain.


@eraten: I've actually paid more during woot-off than it was posted for in a sale later in the week (less than 5 days later). It was only $1, but I only paid $8 in the first place so it was fairly significant. With the very short timeframe involved in the price drop I recieved a price adjustment when I inquired, but I do know that is not common practice. I agree with the general sentiment here, timeframe of woot-offs is ok, but item pricing is more the issue as they aren't the crazy deals they seemed to be in the past, just a lot more items in a small amount of time. It is still fun, just a different kind of fun. The $5 shipping all day changes the game a bit too, so those small dollar items are more reasonable to buy frequently.


Yeah I never checked on the actual timing of them, but for some reason just I felt like they were more often nowadays. Possibly, because of some of the other reasons listed above (i.e. same items at same or even higher prices) they have been less exciting to me and thus less of a sense of anticipation making it feel like shorter amounts of times between them.... Or maybe I'm just getting older and time is moving quicker.

Either way thanks for the responses!


A long time ago in a galaxy far away, woot-offs were random one day events. They have evolved to being multi-day extravaganzas generally held the last week of a given month. It seems that everyone is complaining about getting too much of a good thing only you no longer recognize that it is a good thing. It's sort of like kids growing up to be teenagers. Or your spouse aging into a fat and lazy slob. Or, to return to my original theme, making more Star Wars movies than are really needed. It's just a matter of perspective.


Once a month seems about right to me.


Yeah, I agree and feel the same way about random shirts. Don't get me wrong: I enjoy woot-offs (although I rarely see anything I want to buy) and I LOVE random shirts and will order them every time they come up, but it's not a thrill the way it used to be. It's become something expected rather than a treat. I feel like they've been backing off on the bag of crap for the same reason, but a monthly sale to clear the warehouse makes more economic sense than the bag of crap, so I don't see it stopping.


Well, it's kinda sorta like the BoCs that were popular for a while.
When you first get into them you want MORE! Time happens, your bank account decreases, and then there's those one or two still unopened boxes in the living room ... and you look elseware.
A few months later you have a couple drawers of Tshirts with funny sayings on them. And another unopened box.
When you're waiting for them there's not enough, and when you get yours- it's too much already!
I think we should have a tentative schedule. Two for Tuesdays. Mid month BoC Sunday. End o month Wednesday Woot off. Stuff like that.