questionswhat do you think about starbucks increasing theā€¦


I'm not a customer, but I do have the t-shirt.


Only a sucker would care about $tarphucks.


I very rarely purchase there, usually only when I am traveling. I buy regular Tazo tea, which is under $3. A 3 cent increase isn't going to impact me at all. Even on their more expensive drinks you are talking about a nickel. If you can't afford a nickel, you can't afford the latte in the first place. I do think it's funny that the aptly named Starbucks charges more for a cup of Tazo tea than does Cinemark, given the high price of movie concessions.


My highly compensated boss goes there every day. I go there once a year, maybe. I really don't care, (except for maybe a little chuckle for my boss).


I think a 10% increase would be noteworthy, but a 1% increase? A whole shiny nickle, for the most part? I don't think that's a big deal. Then again, I don't really drink coffee. It's probably been 5 or 6 years since I was inside a Starbucks, so I doubt my opinion counts for much!