questionslooking for a firewire 800 dvd burner as my…


The fact that you called it a "super drive" makes me think that this is for a Macintosh. It's better to specify such things (if so) when asking a question of this type. Unfortunately for you, there are two things against your seeing an answer to this before it falls off the Fresh Questions page.

It's the weekend, and many people who answer here are off doing weekend stuff. You had a better chance during the first week out of beta, when there were more diehards, but I notice that the participation has dropped dramatically on the helpful volunteer side.

You're competing for attention with xmas shopping. It's a big distraction.

If you don't see an answer before it falls off the Fresh Tab, post the question again early Monday. Responding back now will also show that you're at least paying attention. Many times, when questions of this type are posed, the user never comes back. It makes us feel unloved.


hahah, I would never not respond. Also, you are right. I forgot what day it was. Should've waited till Monday. And yes, you are correct, it's a Mac, but I've heard about a lot of people saying they use or have used externals that didn't have Mac compatibility. I was looking for that because I was hoping for the cheaper than $100 [] I've found so far.

edit: Also, it didn't give me room to state it was a Mac as well. Maybe I phrased my question incorrectly.


@zoomair766: Good link. When you post back on Monday, put that information in there. The resident master of finding all possible best deals seems to have wandered off for the weekend, but those details will be helpful, and @catbertthegreat is about the best deal finder for requests posted here that I've seen.

Thanks for checking back.


Sure thing, thanks for responding!


I saw this last night and tried to find a reasonable firewire bunrner and couldn't. As zoomair766 said he couldn't find any other $100 and neither could I. The reason I think is that the only demand for a firewire burner is in the the mac community so there isn't very many choices to begin with. Newegg doesn't carry one either.

However would USB work for you? I had a friend buy this one for her mac and she likes it:
It also comes in white and blue, but at a higher price.


I'd prefer FW800 because it's faster...

edit: Good deal on that though! If I can't find a decent priced FW800 then USB would do. (After all, half the price of that FW one!)