questionsdo you use an android phone app to take credit…


I have used both Paypal and Square. Both come with dongles (I believe for free). Neither have any monthly fees. They allow you to send receipts, calculate tax etc. I think swipe charges 2.75% of the transaction, and Paypal is 2.7%


@lichme: Awesome, thanks. I didn't know Paypal had one. That could work out very well, as I buy most of my materials for the busines online and use Paypal to pay, so I might get enough credit card sales to pay for materials and be able to keep cash sales for myself.


Do what @lichme says. I know people who use both of these, and I can recommend either as being safe, and useful. I wouldn't use anything other than those two, and I absolutely would not recommend anything app-related.

Listen to the old fart. This is my world. I know stuff.

Personally, I like the square better than PayPal's triangle, for the most shallow of reasons.

It's more attractive.

The best thing about these is that almost everyone who might be your customer has probably already seen them. They're comfortable with it, and it also means you'll keep more of the price you're charging (don't make me go into the complicated fee system for things like credit cards, and the difference between the fee structures for Visa/Mastercard, American Express, Discover...) Well, you get the idea.

Square is free. I'm pretty sure Triangle is free (it'd be stupid for them to charge, and those folks aren't stupid).


What a coincidence! I JUST got off the phone taking a CC payment using my Android phone. In this case, I input all of the CC info manually. I use Paypal's system. They gave me a free dongle and charge less than the bank (I am at 2.2%, but that is individually determined and 2.7% is standard for an individual vs. business account). With the dongle, you insert it into the phone's headphone jack and open the app (free from Google Play), swipe the card, input the information like description and amount, process and get signature. You can add the buyer's email for a receipt to be sent and more. I bought the Note 2 expressly for this purpose (I can get a good signature). The money goes directly into my Paypal account.



It is simple, no annual fees involved, free dongle, secure, my money is available immediately (this may very with different users - Paypal account dependent), takes any major CC or Paypal direct, is fairly simple to use, Seller Protection is included when using the dongle to swipe (not when input is done manually), and increases my sales considerably.


That all sounds great. I immediately downloaded it in fact. I have ordered the dongle. I have chickened out of going to the art market the past few weeks (I am a wimp about the cold). But one of my co-workers suggested yesterday I just do some cold drop-ins at local businesses and see if I can get any traction what way. If I can get people to look, they always buy. My prices are great and my work is pretty unique. It's just getting my foot in that door. Being able to take credit cards will help a lot. People are a lot more prone to impulse buys with credit cards.


Is this the best deal?
Paypal for %2.7?
I get asked this question more than ever expected.


@caffeine_dude: Not necessarily. With a business account and a high level of transactions, a lower rate can be negotiated through a financial institution (including Paypal which charges different amounts to different companies based on their formula).