questionsdo you have a current favorite trader joe's…


i like the 2 buck chucks, which are actually about $2.50 or $3 on the east coast. maybe even $3.50. i prefer chardonnay so i get the 2 buck chuck chardonnay, or for uppity people, the "Charles Shaw Chardonnay" *turns up nose*
i might've tried other wines they have, i swear they had a tiny-cup wine tasting before when i've gone. i'm so picky with wines though, not like fancy picky, just that i like sweet stuff and anything that is too "tart" makes me yuck-face. anyway i just enjoyed some non-trader joe's wine, a german Erben Spatlese. omg it's sooooo good. about $6 at Shopper's Food Warehouse, you should try it, it's sweet though but can be drunk by itself. nomnom