questionsneed power backup for refrig,. any suggestion?


Champion 3500watt. Cheap, work horse. Will power 2 fridges, tv, computer, lights, coffee pot, toaster oven and upright freezer, possibly more, but we didn't push it. Tractor Supply has them but I bet you can find it locally for cheaper. We paid $200.

NOTE: please do not run a generator in an enclosed place. Put it outside, away from doors, windows, gaping holes caused by falling trees.....


I'll second the Generac suggestion. They offer automatic cutover and will run on LPG or natural gas, and at a very reasonable price for the features.


Newer cheaper model:

Refrigerators can be extremely hard on UPS type equipment due to their extraordinarily high startup load compared to their run load. You will likely eat up the cost of one of these automatic generators over the course of 8-10 years.

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@hlx: Cheaper because it doesn't have the automatic cutover, one of the best features of these units.


My answer is hearsay so if I am incorrect please let others know.

We had several power outages in my area due to ice. The word in the store was

'my generator ruined my x.'
X = TV or refrigerator or microwave.

I heard this from several people talking about it in the stores after the storm.


@caffeine_dude: Was this in reference to the Generac units?

At a previous employer, we had one of these to run the server room. No equipment damage ever. We had our in-house electrician scope the power coming out. There's a little bit of a dip on inrush, but otherwise the power is clean and steady. We did have to turn down the line quality sensitivity on the UPSs, the dip made them yo-yo on higher sensitivity.

My uncle has one on his house. He's never had an issue.


@caffeine_dude: Can happen. Lower cost generators are prone to power surges and generally "dirty" power. More sensitive electronics would be more likely to be damaged. Refrigerators on the other hand pretty much just need to be able to draw enough amps to get started and wouldn't really fit the profile unless they were full of circuit boards.

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@dosquatch I am guessing they were not the Generac as I was in an Ace and WalMart store at the time.


My refrig is a SAMSUNG and if the power blinks for more than 3 seconds it won't come back on till you manually reset it!! I'm afraid to go on vacation. That's why I need a power back up for those short outages.