questionswhat are the rules on deals that are "donations"?


I saw your Lego deal and voted for it. To me, a deal is something that provides a higher value for a lower price (there are plenty of other good definitions too). A deal that provides some sort of donation or benefit to others can be a deal because of the value it provides, regardless of who is benefiting.

I like the idea of charitable deals as long as there is some deal involved. Obviously, I am not interested in seeing random charity donation ideas posted, but if a company donates X when you buy Y, that seems like a candidate for a good deal.


I agree with the deal involved portion of your stipulation to posting donations. I feel that paying $5 for $10 to be donated is a deal however donating $5 directly is not a "deal", although it would still be something worthwhile. That's where I was thinking doing something "free" in sending an e-card to have a "toy" donated would be a "deal" since you get/give more than you put in initially. It's all about ROI.

I was just hoping someone had an idea why it was yanked, as it could help with setting future precedents with situations like this.


If charity type - donate and you will get or they will send - or simply donate to a worthy cause is not allowed as a "deal" - then perhaps a thread over here for charities that fellow wooters are aware of that need help - but maybe only for the holiday season? Probably a lot late for this season, but something to keep in mind?


that's a pretty cool deal and from official Lego
i tried adding it and woot doesn't block the web address, but i didn't submit the deal. who knows why yours was deleted :(


From what you described, it sounds like it was probably just a misunderstanding.. I'm actually kind of surprised staff hasn't rolled through and cleared this up with an "Oopsy daisy. Feel free to re-post."

@jumbowoot /anybody Can you give us a little insight into charity guidelines? (assuming you even see this through all of the "thank yous."


@drchops: Right! I don't want to repost it if it's prohibited but I haven't seen anything saying one way or another. I think it's a good way for wooters to give back but I'm waiting for a response from maybe @jumbowoot or @snapster . We'll see if one of them stops by to provide some clarification


Alls well that ends well. Someone else posted it and it looks to be pretty popular!


Oops. Sorry for poaching. 'Twas never my intent.


@rprebel: No harm, no foul! I'm not too overly worried about who gets the "credit" for it. Just glad it was allowed to stay up so it could get the exposure necessary to make it a success.